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Posted in Japan on November 30, 2009 by kumoriha

I’ve been thinking about doing some foreign exchange program to Japan next year. I really, really want to try living in Japan, especially the life of a high school student. Minor problems include the language barrier where I don’t know what the heck people are saying and probably one year where I won’t learn anything academic because of that. Minor problems.

On the other hand…well. Heck, it’s Japan. I’ll probably get sick of fish very quickly, but that’s what ramen and donburi are for, right? Plus, I don’t have to worry about annoying senior things over here. Maybe. Prom sounds very troublesome, and I don’t think I plan on going anyway. So I can either sit at home here, or I can sit at home in Japan. Too bad nobody wants to join me.

Of course, this is all hope and conjecture. It’s all moot if certain things prevent my going through with it. In any case, I need to stop playing Dissidia and study more Japanese. And do my APUSH extra credit packet. How many other people did no homework over Thanksgiving Break? Raise your hands high and proud; there is no shame in being a lazy asshole. Besides, we’re all united.

Not going to China this Christmas either, sadly. I leave it up to you, Love Plus. Manakaaaa~ (No, not really. I kind of gave up on it.)

Oh noes! Reverse card open!!!

Had a nice laugh with Clint over this shirt. If anyone feels generous…


Yummy Things

Posted in Japan on November 29, 2009 by kumoriha
I didn’t get to go to the Japanese restaurant today. I did get a menu though, and although the outside looks ghetto (there’s a bunch of reconstruction going on), the inside was quite nice. The restaurant is called “Umai”, which means “delicious” in Japanese. It only sounds good because Americans don’t know what it means. Slightly better name than “Nippon Japanese Restaurant” though, which translates into “Japan Japanese Restaurant”.
The stuff looks really good. I think after the construction, the place will get popular. Hopefully. And hopefully it won’t close down like Yorimichi on Westheimer did…I also need a better camera with better focus that’s not the size of a small boulder.
By the way, Japan has taken Kit-Kat to a whole new level. Behold, Royal Milk Tea flavor:

They also have Ginger Ale flavor and Chili Powder flavor. Hmm.

Anyone up for some beer flavored candy?


Posted in Life on November 27, 2009 by kumoriha

Went to the Renaissance Festival with Clint and his friend Vivian (who is really cool) today. Was a lot of fun. Am now completely broke.

I didn’t expect the entry tickets to be so expensive…$23. Really? I should have gotten a child ticket.

We spent most of our time walking around, of course. Our goal was a maze which was located on the other side of the festival from the entrance. Along the way we checked out random stores, bought a turkey leg, funnel cake, etc. Clint tried the Test-Your-Strength thing and failed miserably. It only went up halfway. Vivian and I were too cheap to play games, I guess, since everything cost money. We also watched Clint be not so fail at archery, which spent another 5 “pounds” (dollars). Their use of “pounds” really annoyed me, actually. Pounds are worth more than dollars…

Anyway, we managed to get to the maze at the end, which cost each of us $3 (3 pounds, yeah, yeah yeah). It was pretty disappointing, as the “hedges” were just semi-transparent purple tarps. Clint broke off from the group and ended up getting lost. We tried to keep him lost, but he managed to find his way out. Afterwards we watched a bird show for a bit and missed the jousting match, which was apparently not that exciting. We all decided to watch this performance of a guy playing a carillon (Cast in Bronze). While we were waiting, we checked out various weapon shops along the way, which was a lot of fun. We also spotted a few buff guys wearing nothing but a loincloth and a barbarian helmet. I wanted to take a picture, but had no camera. Vivian also refused to go take a picture with one of the guys for some reason. At the performance, we stupidly decided to sit up front, and I think I’m half-deaf now.

All in all, pretty fun, although my legs are collapsing. No pics of the actual festival (no camera), but I did buy a nice little dagger.

"Dragon Claw" sheathed with its original box.

Made in China, of course.

The dagger and its sheath.

Close up of the hilt.

I now have a stabby thingie. Yay!

Poultry Day

Posted in Life on November 26, 2009 by kumoriha

Why do we even celebrate Thanksgiving anyway? It’s not like it really has any meaning for us…I mean, if we’re going to make up holidays, let’s just add an extra day to the weekend. No?

My Thanksgiving dinner consisted of 1 day old H-E-B bought french bread and leftover random-store-bought chicken. Yum. Oh, and a mandarin. Well, it was better than that one Thanksgiving dinner that consisted of cup ramen…

People, buy Japanese luncheon tickets from me.

A Load of Nothing

Posted in Life on November 25, 2009 by kumoriha

Well, it’s the first day of Turkey Break, and I’ve spent the whole day sitting in front of my computer, eating those miniature stuffed pizza things and drinking tea. I also decided to wake up at 12:30 for once.

That was relaxing. And the pile of homework looms ever nearer…

Plan on attaching myself to Clint to go to Rennaissance Festival. Remind me to take some pictures there.

In any case, my mother decided to have me proofread her “speech/powerpoint thing” that she’ll present to her company. Good decision, as it turned out. I didn’t understand most of it (some because of the lingo, but mostly because of bad grammar). In the end, I spent 5 minutes trying to teach her how to pronouce “equilibrium.” The final verdict: “Don’t use words that you can’t pronounce!”

Now to have Cecil master all of his abilities. Beneath the light…comes judgement!

Black★Rock Shooter

Posted in Anime on November 24, 2009 by kumoriha

I don’t really care for figures and such (other otaku things), mainly because it feels like a waste of money for something that I won’t use. But if I were to get one figure, it would be Black Rock Shooter.


Love those colors and details, especially the ruined floor. Big cannon is bulky, but meh. The flame is pretty cool as well.

The anime will come out…some time. A pilot edition has already been released on “Blu-Lay Disk”, and doesn’t really show much. I’m honestly not expecting much of a great story, but the animation is done really really well.

BRS is the original creation of huke, from supercell, the group that ryo is in. ryo is pretty much the most popular Vocaloid composer, and the original song came from Miku as well. So this anime is pretty amazing, considering that it started from what can be considered as fanwork.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Posted in Life on November 23, 2009 by kumoriha

I’m having real reservations about posting this. This is my “romance” story that I had to write for English class. I hope nobody starts thinking that I’m insane, because I don’t think I am…Although I admit, after writing this, I felt pretty uncomfortable.

You have been warned.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

            The school bell tolled overhead; indeed, it was the beacon of the beginning, the start of a new school year. As the students milled about into the front doors of Clarke High School trying to get to their homeroom classes, a young boy stepped out of a limousine in front of the school. He had black hair, dark eyes, and light skin. Upon his nose he wore a pair of thin-rimmed glasses, and on his finger he wore a ring inset with a multitude of sumptuous small gemstones. He wore a white polo shirt, tucked into a pair of black pants, for it was the uniform at this school. With what could only be an innate sense of arrogance, he clicked his tongue in annoyance and walked with a surly gait, saying, “What cheap clothes are these uniforms!” as he pinched his shirt in disgust. And thus the son of a CEO, Kevin Godreich, entered Clarke High school.

            At this time, inside room 240 on the second floor, a certain girl named Alisya Duval sat laughing with her friends. As she chatted, she tossed her brunette hair behind her head, revealing a flawless face. She was, in short, the perfect girl. In the classroom, already the guys were throwing conspicuous, quick glances at her, but it seemed she did not notice.

            In another classroom, room 113, another young girl sat, not talking with her friends, but sitting in the corner of the classroom, alone. Her figure was petite, and it seemed she was almost tenuous. Her long black hair fell past her shoulders and obscured part of her snow-white face. She fidgeted in her seat, truly the semblance of a reserved girl, for she was too shy to introduce herself to her classmates. Apart from that, she also suffered from chronic anemia, and she had fainting spells at times. Such was the meek princess figure, Koyuki Minamoto.

            This story tells of these three’s fated meeting, and the ensuing relationship between them.

            Homeroom began. Each of the teachers spoke about the different procedures and schedules of the school. It was all boring talk and formality; the students would find out about such things on their own anyway. Yawning and “tsk”-ing to himself, Kevin sat with a disgruntled expression on his face. The bell for the end of homeroom finally rang.

            As the schedules were distributed already, each student looked down to find their first periods. And indeed, as if it were destiny, the three – Kevin, Alisya, and Koyuki – perused their schedules to find that their first period was the same. Students wandered to their classes, trying to find the correct classrooms, and the three headed to the art room. Koyuki arrived first, alone. Her homeroom was only a few rooms down, after all. She sat down at one of the desks and returned the teacher’s greeting with an inaudible mumble. More students filed into the classroom. Alisya walked in, alone as well, looking a bit shy without her friends, but sat down with a bunch of other girls and, like magic, almost immediately established a rapport. The late bell rang. Just as the bell finished, the door opened, and Kevin walked in, looking somewhat embarrassed but still haughty. He had, of course, gotten lost but would not ask anyone for help. Somehow he managed to find the classroom in the end. He quickly sat down at a table. It was then that he noticed her – the star-crossed beauty not 2 meters away from him. His eyes widened. She was there, sitting and talking, not noticing him at all. Kevin laughed to himself. Very well, he thought.

            The class began. The teacher spoke some words of introduction. The class was to do the same as well. Everybody was supposed to tell his or her name and something interesting about him or herself. The first person was Koyuki.

            “M-my name is…Koyuki Minamoto…” she stuttered, almost inaudibly, and trailed off. After mumbling something unintelligible, she turned bright red and immediately sat back down.

            What a weird girl…, thought Kevin.

            More students continued to introduce themselves. Alisya’s turn came up.

            “Hey, my name is Alisya Duval! Um, an interesting thing about myself…I’m really ticklish, I guess,” she said with a bright smile.

            After she sat down, the next person began to stand, when Kevin suddenly shot up, his chair toppling behind him.

            “Yes? Is something wrong?” the teacher asked nervously, while the rest of the class merely stared at Kevin.

            Posing augustly, he strutted up to Alisya and produced a bouquet of flowers from apparently nowhere.

            “Wha-!” the class watched with a mixture of raised eyebrows and gapes.

            Kevin ostentatiously presented the bouquet to Alisya. With a confident smirk, he announced, “Alisya Duval! You are like the North Star, shining brightly in the sky! You are the image of beauty! I love you!”


            The class was a stunned silence. Then, in a fraction of a second, pandemonium broke loose. A shout rang out, “It’s still morning! There are no stars!” Among the general laughter were wolf-whistles and applause as everyone eagerly awaited the girl’s answer. Even Koyuki giggled to herself quietly as she stared at Alisya, who sat there with a hesitant smile on her face, no sure if this was a joke. Unfortunately, Kevin’s eyes were burning with passion and seriousness.

            “Thanks…but I’m sorry, I don’t even know who you are,” she responded with the same half-smile, looking down in embarrassment. At this the class “Aww”-ed and laughed; one person even went up to Kevin to pat him on the back consolingly.

            Kevin strode back to his seat and sat down. But his face did not show defeat; in fact, he was excited. He had a half smile, half snarl on his face that made him look almost feral. Hahaha!…this isn’t over yet! he thought, oblivious to the surrounding din. Like so, the first day of art class started and ended with a bang.

            As Kevin said (in his head), it definitely was not over yet. Starting from that day, he attempted to woo Alisya with an arrogance and determination that only an aristocrat would have. She, of course, did not take him as seriously as before, yet still rejected him. Then, one day she went home to find…a parade in front of her house. Riding on a white stallion was none other than Kevin. Behind the marching fanfare was a large banner reading “Alisya Duval Love Love!~” Her parents were not home, whether for better or worse, as people started to gather around this strange occurrence.

            “Aha! My love, you’re finally here! See this wonderful procession I’ve created for you! I—wait, where are you going?” Kevin jerked his head as Alisya immediately turned around and walked the other way.

            I don’t know this guy, I don’t know this guy, I don’t know this guy…

            Such episodes followed throughout the school semester. Then, one day…

            Kevin was sitting in his limousine sipping tea, as his butler drove him home, just as any other day. As they stopped at a red light, he noticed a familiar face walking past his window.

            Ah. It’s that strange girl, he thought. Indeed, Koyuki was walking past quickly and absentmindedly when she suddenly bumped into a man and sent the coffee he was drinking spilling over him and his papers in his hand.

            “O-oh, I’m s-sorry! I didn’t m-mean t-to…” she mumbled frantically as she fervently tried to apologize to the man. He looked like he was about to blow up.

            “Sorry? Sorry! Those were important documents for the Boss! You little-!” he shouted as he grabbed Koyuki’s wrist in a rage.

            Kevin bit his lip. This wasn’t any of his business, was it? He crossed his arms, unconsciously glancing out of his window every few fractions of a second. The place was deserted for some reason, except for himself. The guilty feeling within him began to rise. Enough. Ugh. He put his tea down.

            “Sebastian. Stop for a second,” he said to his butler as he climbed out of the car. He walked over to the man and his classmate. “Hey, you know? This sort of thing is called sexual harassment, which I’m pretty sure is illegal here.” And with that Kevin punched the man in the gut, causing him to release Koyuki. She whimpered and stepped back, shivering. The man then took out a gun from inside his jacket. Hmm, that was illegal too, probably. Three shots fire at Kevin. He managed to evade one, two, three…then a fourth shot came and hit him in the arm.

            “Augh!” Kevin screamed as he grabbed his left arm in pain. Koyuki ran up beside him.

            “I-it’s okay…y-you don’t h-have to do this…” she cried frantically. Sebastian, the butler, climbed out of the car.

            “Stop. I got this,” Kevin said with a grimace. Sebastian nodded and pulled Koyuki back.

            “Do not worry, miss. Young master is proficient in Karate and Aikido to the second dan,” he reassured her.

            Kevin quickly stepped into the stranger’s guard and knocked the gun away with his right hand. Before the man even had time to be surprised, Kevin uppercutted him and ended it with a roundhouse kick. The man was out cold.

            “Alright, now that that’s taken care of…Sebastian, call the cops on this guy and let’s get out of here. My arm’s killing me,” he said as he walked back towards the limo. Sebastian took out a phone, but heard the sound of sirens already. Apparently the gunshots had been heard. Koyuki slumped down, unconscious from shock or her illness. Kevin sighed, “Alright, bring her with us. We’ll drop her off at the hospital.”

            Koyuki woke up in her own bed. Apparently the doctors said there was nothing wrong with her, just shock. Her parents were relieved, of course, and she spent the rest of the day sitting in her bed. Something warm in her heart stirred…was it love?

            The next day, Kevin arrived to school with his arm in a sling. His private doctors had patched him up well enough that he was able to go to school, much to his dislike. Yet when people asked him what had happened, he replied, “Fell down the stairs.” Contrary to his image, he didn’t really like fame, which was why he left the scene quickly. He glanced around the classroom. Hmm…weird girl isn’t here today. Well, that’s natural, he thought to himself. After all, it was most likely a traumatizing experience. It’s not everyday that you get shot at and get saved by a person as great and awesome as Kevin Godreich. Thinking such thoughts, Kevin laughed wildly in his head, his narcissism level off the charts. Finally stopping after several minutes, he glanced sideways at Alisya. She looked up and called to him, “Are you okay?”

            “Heh, of course,” he replied in his usual cocky attitude. Alisya smiled and went back to her friends.

            After school, Kevin picked up his bag and began to walk downstairs to leave. As he descended the first step, his bag got caught on the banister.


            He tumbled down the stairs. Luckily, he rolled down on his side, and he didn’t hit his head. Unfortunately, his wounded opened up again. He cursed when he saw blood seeping through the bandages and continued to walk down the stairs.

            “Oh my god! Are you okay?” a voice asked. Kevin turned to see the heavenly beauty, Alisya, rushing towards him with a concerned look on her face. “You’re bleeding! Come on, we have to go to the nurse’s office.” Kevin nodded, ecstatic inside about spending his time with her. It was a bit pathetic, but he didn’t care at this point.

            They entered a small room on the left side of the main hall. It was empty.

            “Anyone here?” Alisya called. There was no reply. “She must have gone out or something. She’s usually still here at this time. Anyway, let’s look in the first-aid kit.”

            She got a bandage, tape, and scissors, and she went over to Kevin, who was slowly unwrapping his wounded arm. He inhaled sharply when he saw his wound – a half congested hole slowly oozing out blood. Alisya gaped at him.

            “Is that…a bullet wound?” she asked, wondering where in the world he could have gotten it from. Then she remembered the other day, when she heard about the man who turned out to be a mafia member. Then that was… She looked up from dressing Kevin’s arm and said, “You. Yesterday. On the news, it said…” He looked away in embarrassment.

            “N-nothing…” he muttered. Yet he cast quick looks at her face, her radiant face! She had a small grin…Kevin’s heart beat quickened. Did she finally fall for him? Does getting shot really get the girls? As he pondered these thoughts more and more, the more he was sure that she had fallen in love with him. She finished wrapping his arm.

            “There, all done. How is it?” she asked, looking up from her work. Kevin looked down. There was a strange look in his eyes. Then, suddenly – he leaned down and kissed her. Alisya gasped in surprise. She couldn’t move. She didn’t know how long they stayed like this; after what seemed like a year, Kevin drew away. He stood up with that arrogant smirk of his, waved, and left the room. Alisya sat where she was, stunned at what just happened. Then…

            Ah! That bastard!

            Kevin Godreich woke up the next day laughing. After he had selfishly and forcefully ra—er, stolen Alisya’s lips, he had been in a wonderful mood. He hummed a light tune as he dressed and seated himself in the limousine to ride to school. As he entered the art classroom, he grinned at Alisya. She turned red. Then she turned around, as if repulsed by something. Kevin’s grin faltered. Something pulled on his sleeve. He turned around to see Koyuki standing there, looking down, embarrassed.

            “Th-thank you for the other d-day,” she stammered, blushing furiously and still not looking into his face.

            “Oh. No problem,” Kevin replied expressionlessly, still looking at Alisya’s back. Koyuki noticed his stare and looked down. Quickly bowing slightly, she ran away to the girls’ bathroom and wept. Of course he would be…he doesn’t even know who I am… She stayed there crying until the end of class.

            The day ended like any other. Kevin saw Alisya leave her friends and start walking home, and decided to follow her. I thought she liked me…, he thought, still foolishly confused about her feelings. Outside, the dark December sky began snowing. Light flakes of white fluttered down as the students outside all rejoiced in the precipitation. Except for a boy anxiously following a girl, and a girl who had noticed and was quickly walking away.

            “Hey, Alisya, wait!” he called, but she did not respond to his voice. She only quickened her pace and increased her distance from him. He began running to catch up and grabbed her shoulder. “Wait! Are you mad because of yesterday?”

            “Let me go!” she shoved his hand away and began to walk off again. Kevin once again caught up with her.

            “Look, what is it?” he asked, bemused and now slightly irritated by her rejections. She looked infuriated, almost scary now.

            “What is it? What is it! What do you think it is! I—let go of me!” she shrieked as Kevin once again grabbed her to keep her from running away. She belligerently shoved him away from her.

            Time seemed to slow.

            Kevin fell back, tripping. It was at this moment that a car had skidded from the sudden snowfall. Kevin turned his head, horrified, staring at the imminent car skidding right at him. It was red, bright red…blood red.


A shriek could be heard, piercing the dark afternoon sky.

            Koyuki walked towards the park, wearing a white blouse and white jacket, a purse on her shoulder. She approached a lone figure sitting on the swing set, who seemed to be a high school girl. It was Alisya, lost in her thoughts, still wearing her school clothes, not even noticing the other girl walking to her, the snow crunching beneath her boots.


            Alisya looked up.

            “Y-you k-killed him…”

            She did not respond. She did not deny it. After all, she did…


            Her eyes grew wide. She did not know what had just happened. She looked down. A knife protruded from her abdomen, warm blood lapping out, spilling upon the white snow. She looked up. Koyuki’s face was demented, an insane look in her eyes, her body twitching and shivering.

            “Aah…” Alisya slid down. A river of red flowed among the field of white. The blood-stained knife dropped beside her.

            “Wha…what have I done…?” Koyuki trembled. She looked down at the lifeless body of Aphrodite. She suddenly felt dizzy. Then, her chest…it felt like it was tearing apart. Unable to bear the pain, she collapsed onto the snow next to Alisya, her white clothes stained with blood.