Does anyone read/watch Bleach? I do. And it’s painful everytime a new chapter comes out, but I guess I’m just a masochist.

I’d say Kubo Tite is running out of ideas, but that’s probably not true. More like, his ideas are getting worse and worse, slowly deteriorating into a pile of radioactive waste.

Bleach suffers from what I call the “Manga-series-that-is-too-long-and-lacks-original-content” disease. The symptoms are self explanatory. It’s really annoying when the cycle of: 1. Character fights, 2. Gets owned, 3. Reinforcements come, 4. Reinforcements get owned, 5. Character comes back with deux ex machina, now rinse and repeat.

For the love of (death) god(s), just let Hitsugaya die already.

Short rant over. I talk about anime too much.


One Response to “Detergent”

  1. Typically I prefer Bleach over Detergent, mostly because of the smell. And the texture.

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