i dun speekah de engrish

I stupidly asked my mother to buy some Goldfish tonight.

By herself.

I asked her to buy the original kind, and she bought pizza flavor. I asked her why, and she said that she didn’t read the label. I’m not complaining about her buying it; it’s not like I’m eating it. I just wondered about the second part.

One would think that after living for more than ten years in the United States would make her proficient enough to read labels. She supposedly works at a company where she apparently speaks English with coworkers on a daily basis. I am doubting this very much now. I am also wondering how one can become manager if the non-Chinese workers only understand about half of what one is saying.

Well, I certainly learned my lesson today. Had dinner at Tofu Village. It was pretty good. Also found a new Japanese restaurant. Will go next week if lucky.


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