Black★Rock Shooter

I don’t really care for figures and such (other otaku things), mainly because it feels like a waste of money for something that I won’t use. But if I were to get one figure, it would be Black Rock Shooter.


Love those colors and details, especially the ruined floor. Big cannon is bulky, but meh. The flame is pretty cool as well.

The anime will come out…some time. A pilot edition has already been released on “Blu-Lay Disk”, and doesn’t really show much. I’m honestly not expecting much of a great story, but the animation is done really really well.

BRS is the original creation of huke, from supercell, the group that ryo is in. ryo is pretty much the most popular Vocaloid composer, and the original song came from Miku as well. So this anime is pretty amazing, considering that it started from what can be considered as fanwork.

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