A Load of Nothing

Well, it’s the first day of Turkey Break, and I’ve spent the whole day sitting in front of my computer, eating those miniature stuffed pizza things and drinking tea. I also decided to wake up at 12:30 for once.

That was relaxing. And the pile of homework looms ever nearer…

Plan on attaching myself to Clint to go to Rennaissance Festival. Remind me to take some pictures there.

In any case, my mother decided to have me proofread her “speech/powerpoint thing” that she’ll present to her company. Good decision, as it turned out. I didn’t understand most of it (some because of the lingo, but mostly because of bad grammar). In the end, I spent 5 minutes trying to teach her how to pronouce “equilibrium.” The final verdict: “Don’t use words that you can’t pronounce!”

Now to have Cecil master all of his abilities. Beneath the light…comes judgement!


One Response to “A Load of Nothing”

  1. ahh lucky you get to go to renfest T-T

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