Went to the Renaissance Festival with Clint and his friend Vivian (who is really cool) today. Was a lot of fun. Am now completely broke.

I didn’t expect the entry tickets to be so expensive…$23. Really? I should have gotten a child ticket.

We spent most of our time walking around, of course. Our goal was a maze which was located on the other side of the festival from the entrance. Along the way we checked out random stores, bought a turkey leg, funnel cake, etc. Clint tried the Test-Your-Strength thing and failed miserably. It only went up halfway. Vivian and I were too cheap to play games, I guess, since everything cost money. We also watched Clint be not so fail at archery, which spent another 5 “pounds” (dollars). Their use of “pounds” really annoyed me, actually. Pounds are worth more than dollars…

Anyway, we managed to get to the maze at the end, which cost each of us $3 (3 pounds, yeah, yeah yeah). It was pretty disappointing, as the “hedges” were just semi-transparent purple tarps. Clint broke off from the group and ended up getting lost. We tried to keep him lost, but he managed to find his way out. Afterwards we watched a bird show for a bit and missed the jousting match, which was apparently not that exciting. We all decided to watch this performance of a guy playing a carillon (Cast in Bronze). While we were waiting, we checked out various weapon shops along the way, which was a lot of fun. We also spotted a few buff guys wearing nothing but a loincloth and a barbarian helmet. I wanted to take a picture, but had no camera. Vivian also refused to go take a picture with one of the guys for some reason. At the performance, we stupidly decided to sit up front, and I think I’m half-deaf now.

All in all, pretty fun, although my legs are collapsing. No pics of the actual festival (no camera), but I did buy a nice little dagger.

"Dragon Claw" sheathed with its original box.

Made in China, of course.

The dagger and its sheath.

Close up of the hilt.

I now have a stabby thingie. Yay!


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