Yummy Things

I didn’t get to go to the Japanese restaurant today. I did get a menu though, and although the outside looks ghetto (there’s a bunch of reconstruction going on), the inside was quite nice. The restaurant is called “Umai”, which means “delicious” in Japanese. It only sounds good because Americans don’t know what it means. Slightly better name than “Nippon Japanese Restaurant” though, which translates into “Japan Japanese Restaurant”.
The stuff looks really good. I think after the construction, the place will get popular. Hopefully. And hopefully it won’t close down like Yorimichi on Westheimer did…I also need a better camera with better focus that’s not the size of a small boulder.
By the way, Japan has taken Kit-Kat to a whole new level. Behold, Royal Milk Tea flavor:

They also have Ginger Ale flavor and Chili Powder flavor. Hmm.

Anyone up for some beer flavored candy?

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