Happii Baasudaaaayy to blehadeafhga

I didn’t realize, but it’s my brother’s birthday today.

(Wait, what brother?) Yep, it’s his first birthday. Enough about him.

My parents tried to sing the Happy Birthday Song. Apparently, the Cantonese version is just like the English version, only without a tune, in Engrish, and replaces out names and pronouns with gibberish. I kind of stood off to the side while my dad recorded it on video. I wonder how my brother will feel after seeing this many years from now. Makes me giggle with glee. My mom tried to blow out the candle, and failed. Many many times. Apparently, she didn’t know how to properly extinguish a fire, so I resorted to extreme measures: the sink.

Well, the cake was pretty good, until my parents started force-feeding it to me because they wanted to finish it. I need some green tea to wash this sugar down.

Facepalm-worthy event over, thank Haruhi.


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