It’s Getting Mavericky in Here

Sarah Palin’s autobiography has come out recently, becoming the number 1 bestseller. I can’t say it was a surprise; books like these tend to get a lot of popularity. It’s called Going Rogue. Upon seeing it, I was a little bit disappointed. I would have thought it’d be Going Maverick, or something along the lines of that. Read the prologue bit at Borders the other day, and it seemed interesting enough. Well, it’s Sarah Palin. Hopefully I’ll find some time to read it after I finish Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, which I really really need to finish.

I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of reading lately. A week or two ago, I finished the first ten volumes of Zero no Tsukaima (light novel) in one day. That was a nice waste of Saturday. I also managed to catch up on the Detective Conan manga. Yep, all 716 chapters. That’s probably about 15,000 pages right there.

I have no life.


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