It seems that my dad has trouble opening things properly.

Note the Giant Pocky boxes. The normal Pocky box was opened be me. Note how I tore the top open along the serated edges. The Strawberry Pocky box was opened by my dad. Note how the box is raped. By the way, those things on the left are dried dates (I think) and on the right of the Pocky box is a box of chocolate truffles (yum), followed by a can of chocolate powder.

That’s not the only thing…

A perfectly normal box of Frosted Flakes (They’re Gr-r-r-yeah.)…

…if it weren’t for the rape-age that is at the bottom. This is “surprise-buttsex” at its finest, folks. But that’s not all…

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the bag isn’t opened where the manufacturers deliberately made the glue easy to peel off, allowing a nice opening from the top. Oh, no, there’s a big RIP down the corner. The kindness of mass production is completely ignored, putting brute force to the poor bag first. This makes pouring out cereal very frustrating, as the flakes enjoy getting caught in the little corner from the bad rip, causing mass spills and waste, as well as the occasional “Who the hell did this?! Oh right. Damn it.”

I don’t know whether he just doesn’t see the “OPEN HERE YOU DOUCHE” labels on the boxes, or if he just does this to annoy me. Either way, it’s not great.

My mom occasionally disregards those labels as well. Is this an Asian parent thing? Does anyone else(‘s parents) do this as well?


One Response to “*Rip!*”

  1. we use scissors, usually :]

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