Like Dragon Dung

Tired as poo. Orchestra/choir concert tonight. It actually wasn’t that bad; it was just really long. I saw a bit of sleeping and drooling around me. Noteworthy object of today: Jenny’s shiny purple high heels. Anyway, the choir was pretty good. Orchestra did all right, except for maybe the Chamber Orchestra…Sinfonia was beastly like always. Joseph’s solo was practically perfect at the beginning, and he only made 2 or 3 minor mistakes later on. Will cut off his hand and surgically graft it onto my arm someday, if someone reminds me.

Good thing I did my AMSCO yesterday.

Went to Borders after school, since I live 5 lightyears away from school. I tried to do my precal, but gave up due to lack of tables and neck pain, so I spent the rest of the time reading Azumanga Daioh (“Omnibus” edition – huge compilation of all the manga into a nice huge volume. Delicious). Met a certain someone’s certain admirer and had a nice chat over Pocky and Yan-Yan.



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