Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again, and you are once again cursing the number of friends you have to find presents for. Or, at least, I am. Luckily, Ruoxi provided the simple solution of Secret Santa. So the only remaining question is — what to give?

How about some Lightsaber Chopsticks? For you Star Wars fans and Asian people (or people who want to be like Asian people), these are wonderful gifts. Use the Force as you eat rice and other oriental yummies. It also gives you an excuse to finally stab someone with chopsticks.

For those who prefer world domination, here you are. And yes, you can has cheezburgers.

Of course, you can always go for the old favorite: ancient Egyptian LAZER BEAMZZZZ! This Khet Laser Game is a board game in which you and an opponent try to assassinate the enemy pharaoh with ancient Egyptian lasers. The other pieces are mirrors which reflect said beam of death. Just like they did centuries ago…



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