Nope, can’t bake either

If you’re lazy and can’t cook (can’t be bothered to learn), then there’s one easy hopefully edible dish that you can make: Fly Lice (or fried rice, whichever). It’s amazing how something so easy and lacking in skill can taste tons better than what my parents can cook.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure anything I actually “cook” would taste better. Hmm.

Anyway, the thing I love about fly lice is the fact that you can pretty much toss in whatever you want. I came home this afternoon starving, and I just got some shrimp, green onions, and H-E-B frozen tequila lime chicken, and stir-flied them.

So for people like Samuel who don’t know where or how to start, I will give some easy and vague instructions. FOLLOW AT YOUR OWN RISK.

1. It’s usually a good idea to gather materials first. Lice (left overnight in the fridge is best), soy sauce, egg, whatever else you want…You’ll also want a spatula, oil, and a wok. The wok is important. I tried making fly lice once with a skillet…didn’t turn out very nicely.

2. Heat up wok. Once it’s nice and dry, add oil-enough so that stuff won’t stick, but not so much that you end up ingesting pure fat. Toss in lice. Use the spatula to break apart the lice and start stir-flying it.

3. Crack egg and add to lice, with or without shell (it’s good for protein, I hear). Stir-fly it more. You should be on high heat. Add soy sauce to taste (the whole bottle is usually enough). Add whatever else you want – I usually have green onions, onions, corn, some meat, etc.

This reminds me, last year in Chinese, my group made a cooking guide for cereal. Hmm. I think I’ll do microwaveable foods next.


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