Close Shave

Just had my driving test today. Managed to barely pass with a 78…I think that’s better than Clint though.
The coach said to me, “God bless you.” Wasn’t sure whether to take this as a “your driving might kill you, so…” or to respond with “I’m atheist” and such. Maybe I should have sneezed.
Anyway, I almost failed, actually, because I almost stopped in the middle of the road. Bad habits and reflexes, coupled with twitches…eh. Luckily, there weren’t any cars behind me. I started off rather nicely, driving up onto the curb and almost scratching the car. It got better after that.
The most facepalming moments were not by me, though, but by the girl I was driving with. She started adjusting her mirrors–
“I can’t see the left mirror, because of the…”
“Because of the glare?”
“Because of the glare.” *fidget fidget*
“Try pulling down the window.”
“…Oh yeah! Hey, you’re smart!” No, you’re just freaking retarded.
I kind of sighed and gave up on any good expectations of her after this little episode. A bit later, she was practicing parking. After she did a somewhat diagonal park, the coach decided to practice backing into a parking spot. She pointed the parking space and told her to move the back bumper to the center of the next parking spot. Then she told her to turn the wheel all the way, blah blah, etc, and tells her to park it in the spot. Apparently, the girl thought that even in drive, the car would magically turn into a spot behind her. As she started pulling into the spot 2 spaces in front of where she was supposed to park, the coach just kind of stared at her. I started laughing in the back.
All I can say is, Epic Fail. This is exactly why I mainly talk to smart Asian people.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
もち(mochi) – rice cake made out of glutinous rice flour. It can be sweet or salty, depending on what else it’s eaten with. For example, it is eaten in zoni soup, which I think is pretty much like 汤圆, in cold weather. Mostly though, we see mochi as confectionary sweet stuff. The mochi with filling inside is called 大福(daifuku) mochi, and it has stuff like red bean paste and such.


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