If there’s one thing I like about bootleg DVD’s, it would definitely have to be the subtitles. I have no idea who does the subtitles or why they put them in there, but either way, it’s great at parties.
I was watching The Two Towers again, bootleg of course…

Dunno what “orion cloths” are, but I’m sure they’re great. The line, by the way, is “This is Sting…You’ve seen it before, haven’t you?”

Uruk-hai government must be amazing. The line is “…Manflesh!”

Trust me, Aragorn, you’re not the only one confused. The line is “Some evil gives speed to these creatures.”
No Photoshop, I swear, although it would be so easy to do it.


One Response to “Bootleg”

  1. I like cookies.

    (What I meant to say was “WOW THAT IS EXTREME LULZ AND DD AGREES”)

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