…Christmas is almost here, and that also means my mother’s birthday. Which I forgot about until yesterday.
I should get her a present, but I can’t buy anything (problem of having no money and no job, yeah), so the only solution is to make something, I guess. Am planning on finally trying out some ichigo daifuku (mochi with red bean paste and strawberry inside). The thing is, my house has no ingredients. My parents can pretty much only cook basic Chinese stir-fry stuff, so there are no other materials to work with. I’m not even going to start on the oven, which is used as a storage cabinet right now.
That being said, anyone good at baking and have tips/easy recipes?


One Response to “Baking”

  1. you can make cupcakes

    hamburger cupcakes are really cute
    or face cupcakes
    or cupcake in a literal cup, if you have cups that wont crack when baked

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