If you guys haven’t heard of/seen the giant Gundam that was built in Tokyo (Odaiba), well here’s a picture. It got taken down, I think, despite protests. But do not fear, it will appear in Shizuoka in the summer. July, I believe.

The head can move now too.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
抱き枕(dakimakura) – hug pillow. Japan has invented pillowcases for those long pillows especially for hugging. Has a female anime character on it usually, and one side may have fewer or no clothes. Uses range from display to certain health activities. I hear they’re also good dollfie clothes.


4 Responses to “Gundam”

  1. LOL OMG that’s sooo cool!!!! 😀 eh? Dakimakura sounds like a perverted pillow XD

  2. •_•

  3. I’m sure you have one of those pillows Kumo.
    I have one :] without the anime girl[s] on it of course.

    Aww D: They took down the life-size gundam? That’s sad. :/ Who funded it in the first place? Did they take down the other life-size robot?

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