Post-Holiday Festivities

Is it just me, or do all other people’s parents do Christmas stuff after Christmas is over?

I don’t really recall what we did exactly on Christmas, but I do remember it wasn’t fancy. At all. I wanted to try cooking some Christmas dinner or whatnot, but no…Anyway, things started happened over the weekend. Because Asians like to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales. As Russell Peters puts it, it’s pronounced “cheap”, but what it really means is “smart”. So we did our Christmas shopping on December 26, armed with coupons and gift cards–the ultimate thrifty combo. Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been telling my parents to put off buying new shoes to replace my ripping ones until the after-Christmas sale. Which we did. I found out that I really like New Balance shoes–they feel so comfortable (or maybe my feet have just gotten used to them…yes, I do keep buying the same model). Also got a new black jacket to replace/add on to my old small black jacket with a broken zipper, as well as some bed sheets (75% off). I wanted to get the pink ones, but the size wasn’t right, so I ended up with sage green sheets.

After the obligatory “After-Christmas shopping” were of course the obligatory “After-Christmas dinners”. Those were a bloody pain in the colon. A metaphorical period, if you will (sorry, ladies). While my parents talked with friends, I sat there for the most of 2-3 hours staring at the half-full/half-empty plates of food, singing Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari to myself. 1/4 deaf, too. The ear blockage came back again. I think I’m starting to get used to being half deaf in my left ear.

Must see doctor soon.


One Response to “Post-Holiday Festivities”

  1. Lynna Dang Says:

    Why would u want pink bed sheets..?

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