Pain in the…ear

Ear Wax Removal Kit has not fulfilled its mission yet. 2 more days until deadline and mission failure/abort. Should’ve gotten the more expensive non-Walgreen’s brand one. Decided to put a few drops in the right ear as well, since the doc said that there was some buildup there too. Can hear less out of right ear now.

Insert swear word here.

Still, the feeling of the stuff is interesting. It’s like…bubbling inside your ear. Very unique sensation. It starts getting a bit itchy at some point…everyone should try it! In any case, I have gained the experience of an almost deaf person.

On a different note, I really really hate keigo. The hell spawn of Japanese…Lesson 19 is torture. JIII class is going to have some fun when we get there…eventually.

New Year’s fireworks are coming! Fun times, get deaf(er), and “accidentally” fire a bomber at Clint.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
引き籠もり(hikikomori) – a person who has pretty much extreme social withdrawal. You know, those people you see in anime/manga who stay in their rooms the whole day in front of the computer and figure collection, surrounded by trash. Yep.


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  1. lol…

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