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A Pot of Luck

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デッドボールP(DeadballP) has released a new Miku song: 幸運のツボ(kouun no tsubo), which means “Pot of Luck.” Well, it could be a vase or an urn too. Same thing.

DeadballP (shortened to デP or DeP) is known for his strange titles and funny lyrics that do not fit with the music whatsoever. That being said, he’s churned out bunches of songs, and they are quite popular. Unfortunately, without understanding the lyrics, you’re missing out on a lot, but well, I guess you can just enjoy the music. Nicovideo.

Baka Metal for the…win?

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
仕方がない(shikata ga nai) – “It can’t be helped.” Hear this a lot, I expect.


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For some reason, 恋愛サーキュレーション(Renai Circulation), the opening for Bakemonogatari’s Nadeko Snake episodes, has gotten massively popular. I guess it’s because the full version finally came onto Nico Nico Douga?
MMD with Nadeko. I’m sure about 279 new lolicons were created from that video. Also, Kanbaru’s pose is hilarious.
Youtube version:

I should make a new banner with Nadeko. Lots of pink, yeah?

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
Well, since I did the “I’s” last time, I guess I’ll do the “you’s” this time. Often though, one usually refers to a person by name directly, rather than you. Anyway, the formal version is あなた(anata), which is also used by wives for their husbands. That’s not important though. 君(kimi) is less formal, and is used for relaxed situations. お前(omae) is really informal, used among friends and such. Anything past that is used almost only in anime and manga.

New Chapters

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New manga chapters are out again. In Bleach and Katekyo Hitman Reborn, the captains and Tsuna are getting completely dominated by Aizen and Byakuran. Oh yeah, spoilers. Oh well. This is kind of depressing, actually, but well, we’ll just leave it to deux ex machina to get our main characters’ asses out of trouble.

I really really hope Bleach will end soon. At the very least kill off Hitsugaya. He’s getting annoying beyond belief, with his spouting of one-liners and trying to be cool. In the end he just ends up half dead until a plot hole gets dug and he gains massive hax powers. Rinse and repeat.

It’s really hard to find pens that are finer than 0.5mm. Managed to get some 0.38mm pens finally. Also, the Japanese slang book I have is too full of sexual terms. Making it almost useless. *sigh*

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
俺(ore) – the very very informal and masculine “I”. Actually, while I’m at it, I’ll go over the other I’s. The most formal is 私(watakushi) which is used in very formal situations, like business and such. Then is 私(watashi) which is the same kanji, but pronounced differently. This is used frequently in most situations with strangers or respectable people. For guys, 僕(boku) is informal, and is used usually as teens and such. Females have the very informal あたし(atashi), which I believe is usually used among close friends. The same with the male 俺(ore), although anime and manga use it a lot. Don’t learn from them, or you’ll end up like Dillon.

Oh Dear.

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It happened. China has finally stolen Lucky Star.

Oh dear indeed.

In other news, Seikon no Qwaser is seriously the weirdest anime I’ve ever seen. Actually, I couldn’t even get through all of the first episode. Come now, super powers by sucking breast milk? Obvious fanservice is obvious. Even more than that is Omamori Himari, in which Himari is the culmination of “moe” traits. Cat ears, tail, huge breasts, shimapan, etc. Ridiculous. Couldn’t get past the first episode of that either. Bleh.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
萌え(moe) – a sort of “turn-on” trait. Konata explains it in Lucky Star. Encompasses everything from clumsiness to tsundere and such.

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #121

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Forgot to do this yesterday. Oh well.
Funnily enough, last week’s #1 dropped all the way to #30. Never seen that before.
Youtube has it in 3 parts. Although I have to say, it feels so empty without the scrolling comments. ><

My Japanese slang book finally came. Now I can know a bunch of random dirty words that I'm probably never use. Like…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
うんこ(unko) – Okay, I lied. I knew this one before randomly flipped through the book. Unko means “poo.”

How to Eat Sushi

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Found this very old video. Still funny, though.

You should take it seriously. Very seriously.

Some random guy sent a friend request for Youtube. Strange…

I still have Ore-Rhythm stuck in my head. This is kind of weird now.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
どういたしまして(douitashimashite) – “You’re welcome.” An actual useful phrase for once.

Daburu Rariatto…in English???

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A person named “rockleetist” (Yeah, let’s not think about the name…) sung an English version of Double Lariat, the famous Megurine Luka song. And uploaded it onto Nico Nico Douga. Here’s the catch – it’s actually English. Not Engrish. English. Rinku hea.

The translation was done pretty well, actually. There were parts where it did rhyme, and if the whole song did, that would have been amazing. Still, her voice is nice. Her video description of “Comment in English plz if possible” along with the fact that the rest of the description was in English managed to create a bunch of hate comments though…Lots of bad Engrish and hate English…and Japanese from people who can’t speak English. One comment that caught my eye was “Thanks for uploading. I’m very fun” which can be interpreted very interestingly…hmm…

But yeah, nice to see, or hear, some proper English on Nico Nico Douga.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
冗談(joudan) – joke, just kidding, like…”Your mom’s fat!…hey, what’re you doing…? Joudan! Joudan!” *whoomph*

Shota Shota Night Fever Dialogue

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Translated the dialogue. Missed a few things here and there, but most of the meaning’s there.

R: RAMERAMEYO! HOU! Alright, let’s do this! Alright!
G: roro-tan! roro-tan!
R: Oh, Gero-rin!
G: Stop for a sec.
R: What’s up?
G: Just stop for a bit.
R: Sure, what’s going on?
G: Uh, whatcha doin? Right now, whatcha doin?
R: Recording.
G: Huh, whatcha doin’ all by yourself?
R: I said, recording.
G: If you’re recording, why didn’t you tell me? I sent you like 10 emails since this morning!
(emails: Morning, roro-tan!, Are you awake? What’re you doing?, Morning! Whatcha doin?, Wanna
make fried rice?, etc…)
R: Eh, actually I completely ignored all of those.
G: What the heck?!
R: Uh, so what happened? Why’d you send all the mail?
G: Well, actually, I have kind of a favor to ask.
R: Hmm, what?
G: In any case, that’s okay.
R: Okay.
G: So you’re recording right now?
R: Yep.
G: Luka Luka Night Fever, right?
R: Oh, Gero-rin knows it, huh?
G: Well, yeah.
R: Mm.
G: I want to record too.
R: Ehh? But you know, this is Shota Shota Night Fever, it’s kinda like a parody. I was planning on singing Shota-like myself, but…you probably can’t do it.
G: Shota…Hey! What are you saying! What…you!
R: Well, calm down.
G: You-I-you…Kansai, you-
R: Calm down, sorry, sorry.
G: Freaking shota.
R: What the heck?
G: Uhhh…I’m an amazing shota…I’m…
R: Eh, what?
G: Uh, uh, what’s shota?
R: Yeah, that’s right. So a shota is like…a really young voice, ridiculously cute…something like that.
G: Oh.
R: Kinda like a girl’s voice.
G: Ooooooh.
R: So I was thinking of singing like that…
G: I see…I wasn’t listening at all, but this sounds fun.
R: Go die.
G: Let’s do it.
R: Ah, you want to?
G: Yeah. Anyway, I don’t really get it, so you go first, okay?
R: Okay, okay. Anyway, since we randomly did this song, you’ll probably get me more views on this. (Gero is pretty famous for his yelling.)
G: Okay Okay. Then, on 3, start?
R: Ok Ok.
G: Let’s do this.
R: Please.
G: 3…2…
R: Pretty slow…
G: 1…
R: RAAMERAAME-ah! Wha? What?!
R: Hey, it’s not “fuu!”, what’re you-
G: Doodoodoodoodoo!…
R: Stop, stop, what’re you…shut up shut up, stop it.
G: Hehe, what?
R: Do it properly, geez.
G: I am!
R: We’re going on. Do it properly now!
G: Yeah, yeah.
–Verse One–(roro)
G: Ah, I get it!
R: Yeah?
G: I mostly get it.
R: Got it? You’re fine with it?
G: Probably.
R: Really?
G: Uh…the…Kansai shota…
R: Uh, haha, sure. Alright, hurry up, hurry up.
–Verse Two–(Gero)
R: Aaaahh, how was it, doing it yourself?
G: Well, if you upload this…I think I might kill someone…
R: Ah, we’re going again!
Enter Gero shoutttttt!!!!!
–More Chorus–(ikemen time!)
G: Maaan~, I thought I was going to burst out laughing until the end..hey, roro-tan? Are you
listening? Look at me-turn around and look-
R: Geez, shut up. Every time I tell you not to shout, you still do!
G: It’s not shouting, it’s my normal voice! Well, JK, JK.
R: JK, whatever. Anyway, for the last “Ramerameyo” do it in a cute voice, okay?
G: I got it, I’ll do it in a cute voice.

R: Oh, by the way, what was that favor you wanted to ask at the beginning?
G: Oooh, aahh, that, yeah, uh…hey, hey…
R: Hm, what?
G: Um, could you give me 1200 yen?
R: Go die!
G: Eeehh? Cheapskate!…pig! Curse you!…Excuse me. (rolls off)
R: Thank you for the support, Kageneko-san and Outobutsudamare-san. (outobutsu-vomit, damare-be quiet)
G: Hey, do you know that guy’s address? (missed the last sentence)


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Oh dear. New Guinness record for Pokemon fan. This is pretty ridiculous, in a good and bad way.

Started watching Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu too. It’s pretty good, and the concept is pretty interesting (battle with summons with strength based on test scores–oh noes!), but the main character is too stupid to be likeable. Also do not like Himeji, although that’s because I tend not to like the big breasted, soft spoken girls. It just doesn’t fit, and the voice is kind of annoying.

That is all.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
化物(bakemono) – monster, creature, strange creepy tentacly raping thing, yeah.


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Last night, well, this morning I guess, since it was midnight, I watched Durarara!! I have to say, it’s good. The animation and art is very nice and crisp, with a nice balance of colors and details. And it’s A LOT like Baccano! which may or may not be a good thing. But hey, there’s a headless biker with a nekomimi helmet, so it’s all good.

In other news, another annual Cirno Dance-off in Hokkaido. The song is “Cirno’s Perfect Math Class.”
Nicovideo. 300 people dancing in the snow, and apparently some guy in from Australia went too. Fun fun fun.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
猫耳(nekomimi) – Eh, why not. Nekomimi are cat ears. Great for cosplay or other random things.