Happy New Year’s

Um, yeah. Tired. Went fireworking at around 1:30 a.m. but it was freaking cold and windy. We only shot off a few Roman Candles, a couple of shriekers, and set off a bunch of sparklers. We were too scared to fire off anything big, since there were random trucks placed haphazardly around the parking lot, not to mention the line of traffic next to the lot. I managed to hit a pole with a Roman Candle, so $2 to me. Afterwards was IHOP again, where we waited until around 2:30 for seating for 9. There were a bunch of other large parties there too, including a group of Asian (Korean, I think?) girls giggling over an iPod. Reminded me of Jenny and Mency. Anyway, by the time we got home, it was already 5-ish, and the sky was starting to lighten. Collapsed pretty much immediately.

We went shopping in the morning today for our peach tart, only there were no tart tins, so we used a pie tin. Also, we stupidly picked peaches that weren’t hard. Peeling 6 soft, mushy peaches is not fun. End result: the tart wasn’t particularly great, but it was edible.

Went bowling in the afternoon. Starting out with all gutters was not unexpected, but I still somehow managed 2nd. Nunu was pro and took 1st. Had some munchies then at Memorial Mall, where some Mexican guy gave us samples and urged us to go to this place. The sample was pretty good.

Anyway, fun times. Tired. Tired. Tired. Am thinking about switching to Blogger since WordPress doesn’t support Nicovideo embed.


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