Help me, TOUMAAAAA!!

Today I thought the toilet was the clothes basket. Almost tossed my jeans in the toilet. It was a very close call.

recog’s Help me, TOUMAAAAA!! is great. A parody(? I guess) of Help me, ERINNNNN!!, or however many N’s and !’s there are. I especially love the part in the middle when he switches from TOUMA! TOUMA! to MISAKA! MISAKA!…and then when Index comes up everyone’s like “INDEX! INDEX!…???” By the way, the characters are from To Aru Majutsu no Index, which I should watch.
No Youtube yet.
Oppai Kanzaki!

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
助けて(tasukete) – “Save me!”, or something that means more or less the same thing. You should be hearing this left and right in anime, unfortunately.

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