A Pot of Luck

デッドボールP(DeadballP) has released a new Miku song: 幸運のツボ(kouun no tsubo), which means “Pot of Luck.” Well, it could be a vase or an urn too. Same thing.

DeadballP (shortened to デP or DeP) is known for his strange titles and funny lyrics that do not fit with the music whatsoever. That being said, he’s churned out bunches of songs, and they are quite popular. Unfortunately, without understanding the lyrics, you’re missing out on a lot, but well, I guess you can just enjoy the music. Nicovideo.

Baka Metal for the…win?

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
仕方がない(shikata ga nai) – “It can’t be helped.” Hear this a lot, I expect.


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