Happy Chinese New Year

All the stuff.

So, it’s Chinese New Year! Yay! Celebrations, food, and random people dancing in the street. Perhaps one of those will be Clint (no doubt). It’s been pretty busy with all of these bloody dinners, although last night was fun. The food was nice, and we had an enjoyable gambling night with poker and mahjong. Fun fun fun. Tonight…was not so great. Bleh.

Less importantly, it’s also Valentine’s Day. The Love Plus event was a little disappointing. All I got was what is presumably a box of chocolates, and…that’s it. At least I got a new dream sequence, although it was pretty weird.

I was originally planning to translate Hajimete no Koi ga Owarutoki (When Your First Love Ends) today, because it fit so well with the holiday, but I didn’t have time. Gloom.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
魔法(mahou) – magic. As you can probably guess from the kanji. A “witch” is 魔女(majyo), and a “magician” is usually referred to as 魔法使い(mahou tsukai), a “magic user.”


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