Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #124

This one is pretty interesting. Back to back Just Be Friends versions and Uraomote Lovers. Very interesting.
Speaking of Uraomote Lovers, it and its 17 other cover versions have taken over the Nico Nico Douga rankings. Yes, that’s almost 1/5 of the entire list. I wonder what the hell is going on.
Uraomote Lovers:

The composer, wowaka, also has a new song: Rolling Girl. But it seems all his songs sound alike (or at least some do). I think Rolling Girl has finally shifted to a new angle, just a bit, though.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
夢(yume) – dream. If you want to say dream, as in while sleeping, you say 夢を見る(yume wo miru), or “see a dream.” To say dream as in a hope or whatever, you just say 夢がある(yume ga aru), or “have a dream.”


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