That’s what your mother’s face said!

It seems that every day, little by little, the English language is dwindling, falling into the dark pits of metaphorical defication. Maybe not just little by little. Human creativity has been dulled by the advent of this decade, where coined phrases are put into use everyday in every situation.

A: Hey, got a dollar?
B: That’s what she said!
A: ???

This situation has become so common, so prevalent, that one would expect to get used to it.
I haven’t.
It feels like everywhere I go, there’s some douche that pulls a bad line from some sort of crap media out of his ass, polishes it with a dirty rag, and then tosses it into your face without warning. And what can you do? Reciprocation? Unfortunately, that happens all too often as well.

A: You’re freaking retarded.
B: Your mother’s retarded.
A: Your face’s retarded.
B: That’s what she said.

Now, I could spend the time to analyze each of these lines which I’m sure have come up at least 100 times in my vicinity exactly as is, but I don’t think that would be productive. In any case, it can all be summed up in two letters: B.S.
In other words, Brain Shortcircuit.
B.S. is a condition that occurs when one spends too much time absorbing feces from contemporary media, causing certain nerve centrals in the body to completely shut down. In programming language, it’d be something like while anything, respond with xxx with no end in sight. I believe B.S. is a serious epidemic in America today, something more potentially harmful, prevalent, and contagious that AIDS or TB. Fortunately, B.S. can be easily cured by any of the following remedies: 1. Imprisonment, 2. Removal of eyes and ears, or 3. Death.
Or, you know, one can just…decide not to do it?

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
どうしてこうなった(doushite kou natta) – “Why did it become like this?!”; “How did it come to this?!” Usable in pretty much all applicable situations. I think it came from 2ch.


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