Suuuuupaaaa cell.

supercell’s Sayonara Memories has hit 7th on Oricon charts! Yay and celebration.
Yu-Gi-Oh! 2010 has come out on DS and I’ve been playing that the whole weekend…no homework done at all.
Decided to watch Hanamaru Kindergarten too over the weekend. It’s actually pretty good. I didn’t expect to like the cutesy style of the kids, but I guess it grows on you. Better than all of the ero-moe titles out there…
Anyway, back to Yu-Gi-Oh.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
ツンデレ(tsundere) – comes from tsuntsun, meaning kind of aloof, and deredere, meaning kind of lovestruck. So a tsundere is a person (usually a girl “tsunderekko”) who is normally cold but then embarrassingly warm on the inside. Ex: Hiiragi Kagami, Aisaka Taiga, Misaka Mikoto


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