Orchestra concert tonight went okay. At least I didn’t mess up like in rehearsal. Can’t say the same about Jenny though…
However. There was one important thing I noticed at the concert besides Joseph’s repeated channeling of Yo-Yo Ma. Zettai Ryouiki. I will now forever remember that girl who was playing piano as “Zettai Ryouiki Girl” for her knee socks (or thigh socks?).


I feel like listening to some abstract music now for some reason. Meh. Must practice Smiling.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
絶対領域(zettai ryouiki) – “Absolute Territory.” Came from Evangelion apparently, but its current meaning refers to the space between the hem of a skirt to the top of the sock. Basically, the thigh skin showing. Supposedly, “perfect” zettai ryouiki is a few inches or so. I blame the internet for my knowing this.


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