Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #125

Forgot to this this Monday, and didn’t feel like posting it up until today. But it was a very interesting list. Nicovideo.
And Youtube:

A Whole New World. Pretty good, actually.

Anyway, after I listened to Sekihan’s performance of IMITATION BLACK, I got the song stuck in my head. I love the way he pronounces it. And he changed the “Please teach me the answer” in the song to a more normal “Oh, tell me the answer” which gets an auto high five. Now if only he would fix up his Engrish in magnet.

Sekihan x Pico x Ouzoku Band

Love the little manzai-like dialogue thing.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
漫才(manzai) – a two man comedy with a straight man and a funny man. Usually Osakan.

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