Pet Peeves

I’m feeling kind of annoyed right now, so I’ll give a list of ten pet peeves in no particular order.

1. Stupid people. No explanation needed.
2. Loud things/people. No explanation needed.
3. Unflushed toilets. Hate hate hate when people do this. My parents apparently don’t know how to hold down the flushing thing to flush it either.
4. People who try to act “cool” or “gangster.” They just fail at it. Sometimes it’s funny, but most of the time it’s just annoying.
5. Wasting time. I have too many things I want to do.
6. Disruptive people/things. Wasting my time.
7. Little kids. 子供が嫌いです。
8. Homophobes. Although this is just personal dislike for people who hate on awesomeness. Personally, I think gay people have really fun personalities.
9. People who don’t do their work. They copy other people and crap. They’re screwing themselves in the end. And they usually have really annoying personalities.
10. People who annoy other people. I don’t see the point of their actions. Do they want people to be pissed off at them or something? I guess this would fall under “stupid people” as well…

I feel slightly better now.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
ドン引き(donbiki) – creep out, turn-off. When Choucho was asked about Pokota after his “sexual harassment,” she replied, “Donbiki desu.”


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