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Pico’s new single タナトス (Thanatos) feat. Tissue Hime is out for sale now. Go buy go buy. Great collaboration of the WTF-gender people. Let’s throw Sekihan into the mix just for laughs.

The song is on Youtube with Akai Hana:

Very moving beat. Man…Pico is the new SHOWTA. I guess now.

Also, I didn’t know it was possible to get rejected in an eroge. I learned something new. Then again, Izumi-neechan turns out to be some super miko character who saves humanity from demons and has a talking cat/grandmother. Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on either.


Random Japanese Word of the Day:
腐女子(fujoshi) – lit. “rotten girl”; refers to female fans of yaoi.

Cendrillon (サンドリヨン) Lyrics

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Did this on a whim. It was a real pain to translate though, because the sentence structures are just everywhere.



みじめな古着 めくり廻れ夜の舞踏

見知らぬ顔探す 囁くあの声が
握り締めた刃衝きたて すべてを奪えと
孤児(みなしご)集う城 笑み仮面に描いて
偽りの慈しみさえ 羽で包む熾天使(セラフ)



走る衝動 背骨抜けていく刹那

鐘は鳴らさないで あなたにひざまずき
まだダメと叫んだ右手が 突き刺すサヨナラ
強い瞳僕の凍った 仮面ごと撃ち抜く


ドレス膝で裂いて ティアラは投げ捨てて
見つめあう瞳と瞳が 火花を放つ
その涙すくえないなら まるで一人遊び

時よ止まれ今は あなたに酔いしれて
揺れる鼓動一つ一つを 刻み付けてたい
とどまれ熱く濡れ 打ち付ける昂まりに
これ以上は動けないよ まるで御伽噺(フェアリィテイル)


asa made odoru yume dake misete
tokei no kane ga toku mahou
aimai na yubi sasou kaidan
san dan tobashi ni haneteiku

basha no naka de furueteta
mijime na furugi mekuri megure yoru no budou

mishiranu kao sagasu sasayaku ano koe ga
nigiri shimeta yaiba tsukitate subete wo ubae to
manashigo udou shiro emi kamen ni egaite
itsuwari no itsukushimi sae hane de tsutsumu SERAFU

hai no naka de akaku tokete majiru GARASU no kutsu

imasara kaeru furueteiru no
anata ga me wo yaru tokei
kutsu nugi odoru SUROUPU nukete
nodo made nobiru yubi no saki de

sukuu shizuku kuchi tzukete
hashiru shoudou sebone nuketeiku setsuna

kane ha narasanaide anata ni hizamazuki
mada dame to sakenda migite ga tsukisasu SAYONARA
kesenai shouen wo kousui ni matou hime
tsuyoi hitomi boku no kootta kamen goto uchinuku

ima mo mimi ni anata no toiki ga
tsukisasaru no tooi yume
SUTENDO GURASU goshi hikaru tsuki ga
kimi ni kabuseta BEIRU

DORESU hiza de saite TIARA ha nage sutete
mitsume au hitomi to hitomi ga hibanai wo hanatsu
kodoku na tamashii ga honoo age hikare au
sono namida sukuenai nara maru de hitori asobi

toki yo tomare ima ha anata ni yoishirete
yureru kodou hitotsu hitotsu wo kizami tsuketetai
todomare atsuku nure uchi tsukeru takamari ni
kore ijou ha ugokenai yo maru de FEARITEIRU


Dancing until morning showed only a dream.
The clock bell undoes the magic.
The vague meaning of your gesture calling me up the stairs
I run up three steps at a time.

Trembling in the carriage,
Dancing in the night as the forworn old clothes fly around

The whispering voice searching for a stranger
tells me to take my sword and deprive him of everything.
Orphans gathered in the castle wearing smiling masks
The Seraph envelops the false love in his wings.

In the ashes, the glass shoes melt and mix away.

Are you going home now? Are you shivering?
Your eyes stray to the clock.
Dancing shoeless as I come out the slope,
I stretch my fingers to your throat.

I kiss your teardrops
the moment an impulse runs through my spine.

Don’t ring the bell, I kneel to you
I shout out “Not yet!” but my right hand stabs you, farewell
The princess wearing perfume of gunpowder
Her eyes freeze me as the mask is knocked off.

Even now, your last breath is in my ears
Piercing me in a faraway dream.
The moon shines through the stained glass,
Covering you in a veil.

My dress is torn at the knee, my tiara cast off
Our eyes meeting each other set off sparks.
The lonely soul is drawn towards the flame.
If I can’t wipe away those tears, it’s only a one person game.

Stop the time now, I’m drunk on you
I want to engrave the jolting heartbeats.
Stay in this hot wet beating climax.
I can’t move anymore, as if in a fairytale.

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #130

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Nico Nico Douga.

Apart from this week’s rankings is also…a new AkaPikoHammer production!
Sekihan and Piko sing Cendrillon:

Piko takes Miku’s part, fittingly.

se.きらら has gotten boring. I guess I’ll finish it for CG and for other vocab…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
ほっとく(hottoku) – to leave alone; You see ほっとけ!(hottoke!) a lot, which is pretty much “Leave me alone!”

A thoroughly unproductive weekend…

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So pretty much the whole weekend I spent playing visual novels, moderating the tournament, and answering emails. Mostly the first one.

Finished Fate/Stay Night for the Fate ending. It was pretty emotional, even after watching the anime. Wish I could’ve played the game before the anime though. The Rin-on-Saber scene…was not expected. Yeah…no way any of that could have made it to TV. Although maybe now, with all of the ero-moe anime out there like Ladies versus Butlers and such…

I wonder how long it’ll take for producers to get out of this downward spiral. Oh well, I’m looking forward to BRS.

Anyway, started playing se.きらら now. Someone once mentioned that eroge always have good music. I have to agree. The graphics are nice and sharp too, but that’s expected. The characters, I think, are pretty bland though. It’s pretty cliche with nothing new, although that might be because so many things have been covered already. You have a “cute” childhood friend who’s good at cooking, and she’s probably bad at everything else. Another childhood friend who’s the “big sister” figure. Then you have a rich ojou-sama with a ridiculously energetic personality. She’s like Haruhi, only rich and lacking god powers. The main character is very Kyon-like too. Tsukkomi everywhere, all the time. Anyway, there’s also a short Konata-like figure who is just…weird. She’s really like Konata, I think, minus the otaku-ism. And of course, the teacher is a busty nurse.

Where have we seen this before?

Well, thanks to AGTH and JquickTrans, I’ve managed to learn some new words and kanji, so I’m not complaining too much.

And there haven’t been any H scenes yet, thank goodness, although Haruhi Aya somehow decided to spend the night. Poor MC had to sleep on the floor with a cardboard blanket.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
委員長(iinchou) – The class president or representative, I guess is how it’s said. He/she takes care of speaking and taking over for the teacher. Also tells class to stand, bow, and pose. Er, sit.

Hard Gay

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This was coming for a long time now.

So for those of you who don’t know, Hard Gay, or ハードゲイ(haado gei) was a guy named Sumitani Masaki, or as his stage name goes, “Razor Ramon HG/Sumitani.” It’s too bad, but he stopped doing his Hard Gay comedy a couple of years back. Nonetheless, his strutting around in hot pants and black leather doing good deeds will always remain in our hearts. Or painfully etched into our minds.

Well, let’s see a few videos. There’s no better way to get acquainted with HG than videos.

And now, his famous PV…Sunrise Sunset:


Random Japanese Word of the Day:
お持ち帰り(omochikaeri) – Omochikaeri means “to take home.” The “mochi” means “to take,” and “kaeri” means to return home, so put it together, and you get omochikaeri. You hear this phrase a lot when someone sees a desired item, similar to “I WANT!”

Love Plus+

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So, after the advent and chaos caused by Love Plus comes its sequel: Love Plus+.

I’m going to need to get a DSi. Or maybe I should wait for the so called amazing 3DS?

se.kirara comes out tomorrow. Free eroge, anybody?

Anyway, time to get Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey as I wait for Fate/Stay Night to finish downloading.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
痴漢(chikan) – Chikan refers to people who grope and sexually harass other people. This is seen commonly in trains, and they’re usually middle-aged men. Women who grope are called 痴女(chijo). Of course, there are also the women who scream bloody murder-er, bloody chikan, then blackmail you into a) giving them money, or b) face the charges. Devious, devious.


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Only Japanese people would even think to convert a popular (?) sex toy into a desk lamp.
Well, only Japanese people would have said sex toy in the first place…In any case, the resulting lamp was pretty bright. And phallus shaped.
Somehow, the video managed to reach first place in Nico Nico Douga rankings. Perhaps this shows exactly how many people own Tengas? Hmm?
No Youtube video of it, for obvious reasons, unfortunately.
Anyone want a Tenga? Or perhaps a Tenga lamp?

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
まったく(mattaku) – can be used as an intensifier, but often heard and seen as just an exclamation of sorts, meaning something along the lines of “Geez!” Sometimes shortened to just ったく(ttaku).

Just according to keikaku…

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A nice list of random subbing failures and trolls over at Sankaku Complex. By the way, keikaku means plan.

Lately I’ve been wondering about what I’ve been doing these past years. Not much, really. I haven’t given any real thoughts about the future until I met Danny Choo. ‘s blog. It was very inspiring. Really, the things I’ve done that I actually count as important all stem from some inspiring influences. In any case, hopefully I end up relatively successful somewhere in Tokyo in the future.

Read Densha Otoko (Train Man) last night when I was supposed to be working too. I was very moved. 2ch is awesome.

Also, cosMo(暴走P) has a new song:

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
計画(keikaku) – No, just kidding.
消失(shoushitsu) – disappearance. Like 初音ミクの消失(Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu) or 涼宮ハルヒの消失(Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu), which I have still yet to watch.

Food Poisoning…Again.

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So once again China is here to show us how to skimp on our daily needs. Who needs mainstream cooking oil, while you can get and make recycled cooking oil from sewage waste for half the price?
No shit.
You can read the article on Sankaku Complex. China China China…

Health Care bill passed today. Celebrations and anger all around. I’m curious myself to see public reaction and how it’s going to all work out…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
痛車(itasha) – car with anime/game characters and such painted all over. Usually look very slick and nice. Would like one someday.

Gaming is Serious Business.

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I’ve been playing Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor the whole spring break…and haven’t gotten any homework done. It’s really really good. So good that I didn’t realize I was starving until after two hours.

I have to say, I love the story. Government locktown in Tokyo? Demons everywhere? Humans going crazy? The best part is, you make choices which impact how things turn out, and I really like those “create your own story” things. Unfortunately, I forgot to do something and had two characters die…and can’t go back. Stupid stupid stupid. Now going through the ending is going to be a bitch.

The art is really really good too. The main character whose name you decide looks great – the illustrator is the same one for Durarara!!, which is just awesome. I was probably influenced by the art when I decided to name the MC Izaya…although ingame Naoya looks more like Izaya. MC looks more like a Kida-Mikado cross.

Anyway, it looks like I’ll be running into some troubles now.
1. Finishing Devil Survivor.
2. Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver just came out.
3. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is coming out.
4. Spring break is ending…
5. AP/Finals season is here…
6. AGHS School Team Tournament work…276 people.

I am so screwed.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
女神(megami) – goddess. The 神(kami) means god, and the 女(me) in front of it makes it female, so a female god = goddess.

If a random exuberant monotheistic comes and rants about this, I’m going to laugh.