Funky Forest

So a friend of mine showed me a few clips of a movie called Funky Forest: The First Contact. Very weird. Want to watch. Examples.

Reminds me of those Japanese Fanta commercials…

Also, this dance…

I realized that I have that sweater and those pants. Should learn that dance.

Anyway, new Katanagatari episode needs watching.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
88888 – continuing the chain of internet slang, the chain of 8’s means applause. 8 is “hachi” in Japanese, which sounds close to “pachi,” the onomatopoeia for clapping.
In a slightly related note, 88 in Chinese is short for “bye-bye” because “eight-eight” is pronounced “ba-ba” in Chinese, which supposedly sounds like “bye-bye.” If you say it quickly with a really bad Chinese accent. While sucking hard candy and drooling.


One Response to “Funky Forest”

  1. i_are_sneeze Says:

    i always thought it was 8181?
    that’s closer to bye bye anyhow. -_-

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