Go Tournament Success!

The 2nd annual Go club tournament finished tonight. We had lots of fun destroying Tracy’s house and failing at ping-pong afterwards. Also, I managed to deplete myself of money to replace the gift cards with cash prizes. Anyone want to buy 2 $15 McDonald’s gift cards? I don’t eat junk food…

As to why the Senjougahara picture above? I dunno, but she’s awesome.

Also, 100(!!) chapters of Hayate the Combat Butler got uploaded to Onemanga the other day, which I read instead of studied for my physics test today. Which is why I probably got a B…crap. Anyway, things got pretty crazy. Hayate is great. And so is Hinagiku.

Tsundereee~ Yeah, Hinagiku is one of the few female anime characters I actually like. Actually, besides her and Senjougahara…hmm…
Anime females are pretty bland, yeah.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
ふざける(fuzakeru) – to mess around, to joke. You hear ふざけるな!(fuzakeruna!) a lot in Japanese media, which means anywhere from “don’t mess around!” to “don’t fuck with me, you asshole!” depending on context.


One Response to “Go Tournament Success!”

    Hinagiku is my favorite character in Hayate Combat Butler :]

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