White Day

Today, March 14, is White Day in Japan. The way they do it is, girls give guys chocolate or whatever on Valentine’s Day (February 14), and the guys return the favor one hundred times over (supposedly) one month later today. Which usually means empty wallets, unless your name is Ayasaki Hayate or Takasu Ryuuji, who can whip up some magically delicious and pretty food easily.

I managed to miss the Real Time event in Love Plus, sadly. I think it was probably the same as the Time Skip one though, which sadly netted me no new CG’s. New outfit for today apparently though. Anyway, Japan’s celebration is slightly different from America’s, where everyone just gives random stuff to everyone else on February 14.

It’s also pi day. I don’t know what kind of celebrations are happening for that though.

And Jenny’s birthday. No celebrations either, I think.

Back to Shin Megami Tensei.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
わざと(waza to) – on purpose, intentionally. わざわざ(waza waza) is pretty much the same thing.


One Response to “White Day”

  1. Thank you for knowing what White day. I had to explain the concept to so many people…

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