Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #128

Nico Nico Douga.
Some surprises this time. Melt and 1/6 make it back, which was awesome. As expected, Uraomote Lovers and especially Rolling Girl went up…a lot. No doubt, since 秋赤音(akiakane)’s PV and cover has taken steadily first place in rankings. And I agree with the comments about the #2 song this week: メイドの星からS・O・S (meido no hoshi kara SOS/SOS From the Planet of the Maids), it does look like a PV from an H game.

Noted songs-



Rolling Girl (akiakane ver):

Yes, she drew the PV and sang the cover.

Meido no Hoshi kara SOS:

And now, I present the Engrish version of Rolling Girl sung by Mii-chan. Prepare yourselves.

Yeah, I don’t understand it either. I think I’ll do an English version of it myself sometime…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
-ばかり(bakari) – full of, only with; for example この教室にはバカばかりいます(kono kyoushitsu ni ha baka bakari imasu) means “This room has only idiots.” A thought I think frequently.


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