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A new cover by Valshe this time. And no, this one is actually not by toku-P, it’s by ラヴリーP(Lovely-P). Nostalgic. The PV for this one was amazing too. Very Disney-esque, actually. I’m looking forward to Monday’s Vocaloid rankings…perhaps VOiCE will pop back up?

Currently in midst of translating Yowamushi Mont Blanc. Been really lazy lately though…and need to start on ARiA too.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
ざわざわ(zawa zawa) – the onomatopoeia for low background chatter. Often the “calm before the storm” and such.


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A new Hatsune Miku original by とくP(toku-P)! This guy seems to have an obsession with random capital letters in titles (like SPiCa). But anyway, I really like his(?) music. The new song is called ARiA, which is kind of a pain to type. The most amazing thing is absolutely the PV.


Oh my Haruhi. That is absolutely beautiful. And there’s already a cover for it in the rankings by MARIA.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
声優(seiyuu) – voice actor. Refers to anime/game voice actors mainly, or maybe that’s just because I’m in those circles…

サクラノ前夜 (Sakura no Zenya) lyrics

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Heard Φ串Φ (kushi)’s version of this song recently and fell in love in it. Her voice is so good in this, and the song itself is very pretty. The Nico Nico Douga version is here if anyone wants it. Anyway, I decided to translate this song last night on a whim. It was a very quick translation, and I didn’t bother to check over, so there may be mistakes…and typos.

The title means “The Night Before the Cherry Blossoms.”


パパ ママ ありがとう そして ごめんなさい
もうこんな家には 一秒もいたくない
身体中の傷跡 コートで隠して
真夜中の街を 一人走り出した

あなたはもうきっと 覚えていないかな
離れ離れになる時 交わした約束
「大人になった時 助けに来るから
 桜の咲く前の晩 あの場所で待ってる」

誰もいない街はまるで 自分だけが置いて行かれたようだ
こんなちっぽけな約束なんかに 今日まで縋ってきた

「明日がやってくる それがただ怖いの」と泣いていた
「僕がいるよ」と 微笑む顔が浮かぶ
私を傷つけた この街も あの家も 何もかも
今夜別れを告げるの あなたと二人で

街外れの森の中 約束の場所
二人でよく遊んだ 「かみさまの樹」の下
木の枝にぶつかって 頬が裂けたよ
でも この身体に比べたら こんなもの痛くない

ひとりぼっち 震える足 暗い森が容赦なく牙を剥く
例えここで引き返しても 私に何が残るの?

怖くて 逃げ出して閉じ込めた 本当の笑い声
もう一度だけ 取り戻すの この手に
もうすぐで辿り着く もうすぐで終わるんだ 何もかも
月明かりの下 大きな 約束の樹が 見えた

星が輝いてた 月が綺麗だった
桜が咲いていた あなたはいなかった

もういいよ 最初から分かってた どこにも行けないと
大人になるとは こういう事なんでしょう ねえ?
私を傷つけた この街が あの家が なんだか 少し温かい
大丈夫 あなたは そのままで どうか幸せでいて
記憶の中の笑顔で 私は生きてゆける

ドアを開けた時 鈍い音が響いた
殴られるパパと 悲鳴を上げるママ
「大人になった時 助けに来るから」
大好きな笑顔が 私の手を取った


papa mama arigatou soshite gomennasai
mou konna ie ni ha ichibyou mo itakunai
karada juu no kizuato KOOTO de kakushite
mayonaka no machi wo hitori hashiri dashita

anata ha mou kitto oboete inai kana
hanarebanare ni naru toki kawashita yakusoku
otona ni natta toki tasuke ni kuru kara
sakura no saku mae no ban ano basho de matteru

dare mo inai machi ha maru de jibun dake ga oite ikareta you da
konna chippoke na yakusoku nanka ni kyou made sugattekita

ashita ga yattekuru sore ga tada kowai no to naiteita
boku ga iru yo to hohoemu kao ga ukabu
watashi wo kizutsuketa kono machi mo ano ie mo nani mo kamo
konya wakare wo tsugeru no anata to futari de

machi hazure no mori no naka yakusoku no basho
futari de yoku asonda kamisama no ki no shita
ki no eda ni butsukatte hoho ga saketa yo
demo kono karada ni kurabetara konna mono itakunai

hitori bocchi furueru ashi kurai mori ga yousha naku kiba wo muku
tatoe koko de hikikaeshite mo watashi nani ga nokoru no

kowakute nigedashite tojikometa hontou no waraigoe
mou ichido dake torimodosu no kono te ni
mou sugu de tadoritsuku mou sugu de owarunda nani mo kamo
tsuki akari no shita ooki na yakusoku no ki ga mieta

hoshi ga kagayaiteta tsuki ga kirei datta
sakura ga saiteita anata ha inakatta

mou ii yo saisho kara wakatteta doko ni mo ikenai to
otona ni naru to ha kou iu koto nan deshou nee
watashi wo kizutsuketa kono machi ga ano ie ga nandaka sukoshi atatakai
daijoubu anata ha sono mama de douka shiawase de ite
kioku no naka no egao de watashi ha ikiteyukeru

DOA wo aketa toki nibui oto ga hibiita
nugurareru papa to himei wo ageru mama
otona ni natta toki tasuke ni kuru kara
daisuki na egao ga watashi no te wo totta


Papa and mama, thank you and sorry.
I don’t want to stay in this house a second longer.
I hid the scars on my body with a coat
and ran out along into the street at night.

You probably don’t remember anymore
the promise we made when we parted.
“When I become an adult, I’ll come save you,
so wait at that place the night before the cherry blossoms bloom.”

The empty street is like just myself going there.
I clinged onto this kind of small promise.

Tomorrow will come. It was just scary that I cried.
“I’m right here.” Your smile comes to mind.
This street, that house, perhaps everything hurt me.
I’ll tell you tonight’s parting, when I’m with you.

Inside the forest at the edge of the street was the promised place,
where we often played under “God’s Tree.”
Once I ran into a tree branch and cut my cheek.
But if I compare it to now, it didn’t hurt at all.

Alone with shivering legs, I was torn by the dark forest’s fangs mercilessly.
Even if I go back from here, what will remain of me?

I was scared, I ran away, I kept that laughing voice inside of me.
Just once more I want to take back this hand.
It’s almost there, I struggle on, it’s almost over.
Beneath the moonlight I can see the tree of that promise.

The stars were shining. The moon was beautiful.
The cherry blossoms were blooming. You weren’t there.

It’s okay, I knew from the start that I couldn’t go anywhere.
It’s like this once I become an adult, right?
This street, that house hurt me, but was a bit warm.
I’m fine. Please be happy as you are.
I can live on with that smile from that memory.

When I opened the door, a dull sound rang out.
My beating papa and screaming mama.
“When I become an adult, I’ll come save you.”
That beloved smile takes up my hand.

Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #134

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Nico Nico Douga.

GUMI’s getting pretty strong lately…弱虫モンブラン(yowamushi monburan) hangs in there, falling only from 2nd to 6th.
Probably because of Ritsuka’s cover:

recog sings 裏切りの夕焼け(uragiri no yuuyake) too. No Youtube yet, but it’s really nice. Of course, you can always hear and download the mp3 at Nicosound.

That’s all for today. 1.5 hours of sleep sucks.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
ふりをする(furi wo suru) – to pretend or feign. The “furi” probably came from “pretend.” Maybe.

Bloomer mania!

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Ahem. vip店長’s new cover: Hatsune Miku no Bousou.

It was bound to happen. After all, with her his voice, there’s no way he could keep himself from singing a song about lolis and leeks. Oh, sorry, I meant bloomers:

“Can I eat it? Ca-n-I-eat-it?”
Comments: NO!”

Oh, Tenchou and your fetishes.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
オトメン(otomen) – refers to a guy who has feminine habits (cooks, sews, cleans, whatever. Takasu Ryuuji, anyone?). I think the term came from the manga or something. The word itself comes from 乙女(otome) meaning a young woman and the English word men.


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What is the point of it anyway?

Well, it’s about time for prom (I think) and lately things have been getting exciting. Kind of. Not really.
Of course, watching rejections is great. It really makes me feel all warm inside. Well, my sadism aside.

I never really understood what you do at prom. I mean, okay, couples. But what about gay people? Well, they have couples too I guess. Mother advocates grabbing a random black girl for the desperate. I’m not saying anything more about this statement.

Ugh, enough. I’ve spent at least half an hour on this entry because of interruptions. End here.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
通り(toori) – follow through. For example, その通り (sono toori) means “exactly as that” or Light’s 計画通り(keikaku doori) means “all according to keikaku (Note: keikaku means plan).”


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Throat inflammation. Nasal drip. Allergies.
I hate spring so much.

Went to see the doctor yesterday. Quite quick, no surprise. Have to take antibiotics and spray some weird thing up my nose. Dosage got lost somewhere, so I’m hoping one spray is good. Hopefully.

Today I realized that reading is a lot faster when you actually know what the freaking words are. It takes a whole Japanese period (with distractions) to finish a new page of DRRR!!. It took me around 2 minutes to reread that page. This is very disheartening. I hope Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora will be easier.

That being said, with DRRR!! and Clannad Tomoyo After (Tomoyo is the best!) I think I’ve learned a lot of new words the past few days. Especially words involving making out with Tomoyo…
Anyway, this is a lazy post. I’ll just toss a random picture in.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
辛い(karai/tsurai) – This kanji has two readings – karai or tsurai. Karai means spicy. Tsurai means painful, harsh, or tough. Context, context.


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I hate spring. Bugs, allergies, and heat. Not to mention summer afterwards. Hate hate hate spring.

In Japan, however, it’s the season of sakura, or cherry blossoms, which last only a few weeks. Of course, there are different times in different areas, so the whole flower-viewing, or 花見(hanami) season is a couple of months. Graduation is also around this time, meaning a lot of tears, sadness, and perhaps anime-like romances. That being said, it’s no surprise that songs like Sakura no Ame and Sayonara Memories are now a big hit. Very pretty.

It makes me think about graduation in America, which seems to have a lot less atmosphere. Still, I’m going to be sad when I won’t be able to see some of my friends anymore (the others, I’ll be glad to not see). I heard somewhere that friends from high school are friends for life. Well, we’ll see.

Sayonara Memories covered by vip Tenchou:

Note: Tenchou is a guy.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
お疲れ様でした(otsukaresama deshita) – literally “you must have been tired”; the connotation is “Good work” and such. Often shortened to just “otsukaresama” or “otsukare.” Informally, there’s also “otsu” which is sometimes represented by the kanji 乙(otsu).


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I really wish the success was some really big, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Okay well, it was pretty big to me.
But Yesasia does carry copies of Hantsuki volume one. Ordered volume one and two last night.

Today is Anegasaki Nene’s birthday. Who’s Nene, you ask. Have we all completely forgotten about Love Plus?
No, never. Especially with Love Plus+ looming around the corner…

Ah, I just remembered what this post was supposed to be about. I found this awesome program to help me learn languages.
It’s called Anki, and it’s a flashcard program. Once you download it, there’s already a database of flashcards that you can download and drill yourself. You can choose the difficulty of each card once it comes up, and the review schedule will be scheduled so. The interface is quite sleek, and it looks very nice. Has mainly Japanese cards, but I saw some Chinese ones and others as well. You can construct your own sets too.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
めちゃくちゃ(mechakucha) – messy, disorganized, can be used as an intensifier too.

Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #133

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Nico Nico Douga.
I should probably post up a picture tutorial of how to register. When I have time.
Man, this week is crazy. Old songs coming back up to top 30 from nowhere. magnet is back, so I’m happy. And everything else is just going up.
Hatsune Miku no Bousou finally completed…after a few years.

Watched CLANNAD over the weekend. It was beautiful. I’d read the manga before, but the anime was on a completely different scale. I got teary a couple of times during the most emotional moments. Really touching. And Tomoya’s a good male protagonist, unlike other idiots.
Now, to play the visual novel. Looking forward to an experience better than the blandness of se.きらら.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
無視(mushi) – to ignore or pretend you didn’t see/notice something. The kanji means “without seeing” so there you go.