Arakawa Under The Bridge

New anime season, new anime. I recently watched the first episode of Arakawa Under The Bridge. It’s quite random, but I like Arararagi-kun Kou’s tsukommi, as always. Anyway, each episode is divided into little sub-parts, each of which are…pretty random. I think the people I hang out with would like it very much, although the recap every some seconds gets unnecessary. Anyway, good anime. Kamiya Hiroshi strikes again.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
空耳(soramimi) – literally “empty ear”; refers mainly to misinterpreting lyrics on purpose for comedic purposes. For example, in Yoppei’s videos, people often do soramimi of his singing: deatte yokatta becomes ta ga atte yokatta (“I’m glad to have met you” to “I’m glad I have hands”) Lots of English soramimi too.


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