Light Novels

So lately, due to my joining of internet colorless gang Dollars, fellow Dollars member suggested that I should read light novels to improve. So I thought, “Okay, why not? If a fujoshi can do it, let’s follow that path.” Perhaps not the best line of thought, but oh well.
The light novel that was “easy” that she suggested was Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (I think…). Unfortunately, I can find no copies online, any downloads, or any place to order. If anyone knows where I can order light novels, please tell me.
I did manage to find Durarara!! online, and let me tell you–I’m moving at a pace of 1 page per 15 minutes. This is pretty crazy. But I still want to work through it…

Anyway, while I was watching the latest episode, I noticed Mikado typing “ROMります.” My understanding of that is either “brb” or “afk.” Wandering Japanese people, I’m counting on you to tell me.


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