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Shall we dance?

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World’s End Dancehall, in just a little over a week…has hit 570,000 views. Wow. That’s somewhere around 70,000 views a day, which is really crazy.

The sad Youtube version not hitting 40k yet…
The karaoke version is not released yet, so I’m expecting another surge when it finally comes out.

Also, Soulja Boy sucks. Majorly.

Well, school’s finally out. Time to start/finish my medical summer camp application. Time to procrastinate and play games (and sleep) all day long. Ah wait, did I contradict myself there? Or did I not? Tricky~

Right, Kida Masaomi moment ends.

Today…was not a sad farewell. I’m afraid next year may be. Very melancholic to think about how you will never see the people you’ve been with for the past 7 years. Or 4. Or whatever.
I suppose I’ll save the wallowing in sadness in some dark corner for later next year.


Random Japanese Word of the Day:
とはいえ(tohaie) – Actually pronounced “towaie.” It means “however.”


Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #138

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Nico Nico Douga.
Well, this week was interesting. Lots of things rising up from the dead. As expected, World’s End Dancehall came first undisputed with a clear lead. It’ll probably stay pretty high next week too, from the way things look. wowaka has 3 songs in the rankings now, which is…really good. Anyway…

To Monster Hunter Freedom Unite!

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
やばい(yabai) – This is one of those Japanese words which can have completely opposite meanings depending on context (or whatever the speaker feels). Yabai can mean either “really bad” or, recently, “really cool.” Kind of how the word “bad” became “cool” or whatever. As usual, lazy speakers turn this to やべえ(yabee…)

I lost…

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A person named “Kuzu” (who apparently says he is aptly named as “garbage”) did a cover of magnet. One man. 4 voices. You know the drill.
He beat me to it. Dang.
The general consensus is that his female voices are better than his male voices, to the point where there’s “a fairy living inside his throat” to describe his Miku voice. I think his Luka voice is much more praiseworthy though…it’s very naturally feminine.

A bunch of nice utattemitas popped up too. That Kyon/Gintoki guy covered Venus and Jesus from Arakawa Under the Bridge.
Sekihan once again shows his love for SKE with SKE Lovers. You can ignore the first part if you want…

Pokota and Hana-tan sing Hikarizakura (Cherry blossoms of light…I guess?)

Usa sings Aikotoba (Words of Love). Very cute song.

And finally, wowaka releases another song. Luka and Miku sing World’s End Dancehall. Expect this to be first in Vocaloid rankings.

Whew. Long music post.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
突然(totsuzen) – suddenly. Exactly as in Chinese.

Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #137

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Nico Nico Douga.
Yowamushi Mont Blanc is…wow. Sticking in there. Reminds me of Meltdown, only it’s not stuck in #1. Nice to see JBF is still strong. magnet’s hanging in there too. The Miku Append songs got a nice surge as well.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
無限(mugen) – infinity. Literally “without limit.” Just another word, I guess; no real meme or anything.


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Lately I’ve been getting re-addicted to Mahjong. I blame that on my decision to watch Akagi.
Luckily, I found Touhou Unreal Mahjong, which is Japanese Riichi Mahjong, although each character has some ability to break the game. “Screw the rules, I’m a moe-ful Touhou character,” or something like that.
Anyway, the thing that gets me about Riichi Mahjong is that, unlike when I play Hong Kong rules, not all hands can be played. Each hand has to have 1 fan or something (I forget), so oftentimes I think I’m about to win, draw the tile…and there’s no win option.
Well, hopefully I’ll be able to learn the rules soon enough.

Also, 「丼みたい」ってワワワウェタ.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
丼(donburi/-don) – a donburi is a rice bowl. Basically, you have a topping on a bowl of rice. Like 牛丼(gyudon/beef bowl), カツ丼(katsudon/fried pork cutlet bowl), and 親子丼(oyakodon/”mother-child bowl” consisting of chicken and egg). Very yummy.

Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #136

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Nico Nico Douga.
Maybe I should start posting these on Tuesdays or something after the Youtube version gets uploaded.
ARiA fell to 5th…and Yubikiri only fell to 4th. Kind of disappointing.
Flashback Sound took first as expected. It’s a nice song.

Also, yoppei sings Rolling Girl! Didn’t see this coming.

Just one thing. He’d better not be trying to speak in Cantonese…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
阿呆(ahou) – idiot. Often shortened to just “aho.” This one is a bit more…rough, I guess?…than “baka.”

三人のおじさん(sannin no ojisan) Lyrics

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What, a non-Vocaloid song? Yep. This is Sannin no Ojisan by BUMP OF CHICKEN. I’ve seen this title translated as “The Three Uncles” on the interwebs quite a bit. Ojisan can mean an uncle or just a middle-aged man in general (and uncle-aged man?), so I translated it to “The Three Men” because it sounds better. The song is quite funny, but a good bit is lost in translation. Well, listen to the Japanese and read the Engrish I guess.

Anyway, without further ado, 三人のおじさん by BUMP OF CHICKEN, with a hand-drawn PV:


遥か昔 有名な三人のおじさんが 長い長い旅をしていた
一人は賢く 一人は強く 一人は素早い

おじさん達は 激しく荒れる大海原を 力合わせ越える事にした
一人は船を造り 一人はそれを漕ぎ 一人は素早い

賢いおじさんが 二人を新天地へと誘ったのだ
強いおじさんが 二人を守ると固く誓ったのだ
素早いおじさんが 二人を交互に素早く見たのだ

恐れず進む三人に 海は怒り狂って 山のような波を起こした
一人は風を読み 一人は舵を切り 一人は素早い

波に打たれ 船は壊れ 三人のおじさんは 暗い海に放り出された
一人は慌てず 一人は猛り 一人は素早く

賢いおじさんは 来た方へと泳ぎだした
強いおじさんは 海に挑み 深く潜った
素早いおじさんは 船の破片にしがみついた

もう会えないと泣きながら 頑張るおじさん達の 足掻く様を太陽は見ていた
一人は波を読み 一人は水を掻き 一人は素早い

遥か昔 有名な三人のおじさんに 奇跡起きた物語
一人は賢く 一人は強く 一人は素早い

賢いおじさんは 形を変えて魚になった
強いおじさんは 海に打ち勝って島になった
素早いおじさんは 運良く浜辺に打ち上げられた 打ち上げられた

そして 魚のおじさんは やがて鳥になって 人へと進化した
島のおじさんは 長い時の後 大陸になった
素早いおじさんは 走り続けて チーターになった

人間おじさんは 国を作って 文明を生んだ
一方 大陸おじさんは 長い目で見ると 実は動いてる
そして チーターおじさんは 速さを求めて ハーレーを買った
ハーレーおじさんは 趣味が高じて レーサーになった
レーサーおじさんは 走り続けて チーターになった



haruka mukashi yuumei na sannin no ojisan ga nagai nagai tabi wo shiteita
hitori ha kashikoku hitori ha tsuyoku hitori ha subayai

ojisan tachi ha hageshiku areru oounabara wo chikara awase koeru koto ni shita
hitori ha fune wo tsukuri hitori ha sore wo kogi hitori ha subayai

kashikoi ojisan ga futari wo shintenchi e to sasotta no da
tsuyoi ojisan ga futari wo mamoru to kataku chikatta no da
subayai ojisan ga futari wo kougo ni subayaku mita no da

osorezu susumu sannin ni umi ha ikari kurutte yama no you na nami wo okoshita
hitori ha kaze wo yomi hitori ha kaji wo kiri hitori ha subayai

nami ni utare fune ha koware sannin no ojisan ha kurai umi ni houri dasareta
hitori ha awatezu hitori ha takeri hitori ha subayaku

kashikoi ojisan ha kita hou e to oyogi dashita
tsuyoi ojisan ha umi ni idomi fukaku mogutta
subayai ojisan ha fune no hahen ni shigamitsuita

mou aenai to nakinagara ganbaru ojisan tachi no agaku sama wo taiyou ha miteita
hitori ha nami wo yomi hitori ha mizu wo kaki hitori ha subayai

haruka mukashi yuumei na sannin no ojisan ni kiseki okita monogatari
hitori ha kashikoku hitori ha tsuyoku hitori ha subayai

kashikoi ojisan ha katachi wo kaete sakana ni natta
tsuyoi ojisan ha umi ni uchi katte shima ni natta
subayai ojisan ha unyoku hamabe ni uchiagerareta uchiagerareta

soshite sakana no ojisan ha yagate tori ni natte hito e to shinka shita
shima no ojisan ha nagai toki no ato tairiku ni natta
subayai ojisan ha hashiri tsudukete CHIITAA ni natta

ningen ojisan ha kuni wo tsukutte bunmei wo unda
ippou tairiku ojisan ha nagai me de miru to jitsu ha ugoiteru
soshite CHIITAA ojisan ha hayasa wo motomete HAAREE wo katta
HAAREE ojisan ha shumi ga koujite REESAA ni natta
REESAA ojisan ha hashiri tsudukete CHIITAA ni natta

CHIITAA ni nita kao ni natta


Long, long ago, three famous men went on a long, long journey.
One was clever. One was strong. One was speedy.

The men decided to work together to cross the violent, stormy sea.
One made a boat. One rowed it. One was speedy.

The clever man led the other two to a new land.
The strong man firmly swore to protect the other two.
The speedy man alternatively looked at the other two quickly.

The sea angrily sent a mountainous wave at the fearlessly advancing three men.
One read the wind. One broke the rudder. One was speedy.

The boat was broken by the wave, and the three men were tossed into the dark sea.
One remained unconfused. One was furious. One was speedy.

The clever man began swimming to the way they came from.
The strong man challenged the sea and deeply dived down.
The speedy man clung onto a broken piece of the boat.

The sun watched over the persistent, struggling men, crying that they could never meet again.
One read the waves. One paddled the water. One was speedy.

This is a story about miracles that happened to the famous three men long ago.
One was clever. One was strong. One was speedy.

The clever man changed shape and became a fish.
The strong man defeated the sea and became an island.
The speedy man luckily got washed ashore.

And the fish man soon became a bird and evolved into a human.
The island man after a long time became a continent.
The speedy man continued to run and became a cheetah.

The human man created a country and gave birth to civilization.
While the continent man was actually moving if you look long enough.
And the cheetah man searched for speed and bought a Harley.
The Harley man’s hobby developed, and he became a racer.
The racer man continued to run and became a cheetah.

Became a man with a cheetah-like face.