Goodie Bag

A very nice Nico Nico weekend for viewers (well, listeners…) this week. Let’s see what suddenly popped up on the utattemita rankings…

トゥライ(tourai, or however you want to romanize his stupid name) FINALLY covers magnet. It’s been a year since he’s created it, and the fans are finally satisfied with his cover (in a different key and a mix). Shoots straight up to first, as expected. Perhaps tomorrow’s Vocaloid rankings will be welcoming some old faces…

PUPI and Re: (no romanization problems here) sing 炉心融解(roshin yuukai), or Meltdown. Yes that song. Twist: it’s a 全部俺(zenbu ore), meaning a capella. PUPI is the awesomest at zenbu ore…

Resident rapper タイツォン (taitsuon) does a rap version of…Renai Circulation. Didn’t expect it. Don’t agree with it. But it’s still good.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
確かに(tashikani) – “certainly.” As in, “Certainly she’s a tsundere, but I still don’t like her character.”


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