Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #136

Nico Nico Douga.
Maybe I should start posting these on Tuesdays or something after the Youtube version gets uploaded.
ARiA fell to 5th…and Yubikiri only fell to 4th. Kind of disappointing.
Flashback Sound took first as expected. It’s a nice song.

Also, yoppei sings Rolling Girl! Didn’t see this coming.

Just one thing. He’d better not be trying to speak in Cantonese…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
阿呆(ahou) – idiot. Often shortened to just “aho.” This one is a bit more…rough, I guess?…than “baka.”


One Response to “Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #136”

  1. Flashback Sound is a good song. Thanks for sharing. Although the second video is kinda …

    Good luck on testing!

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