Love Rage

Oh, Nintendo. You evil evil bastard.
Love Plus+ has been released a couple of days ago. Of course, those DSi bundles have been all pre-ordered and will be out of stock for who knows how long. Game’s also out of stock. Heck, just merchandise is out of stock. Congratulations.
Since it’s for the DSi, it means I am unable to play it on my bulky, red, battered DS original. I felt the temptation to get a DSi. Luckily, I’m not Japanese. So I decided to just wait for the 3DS, which should be out by the end of March next year. But wait, how much will it cost? Who knows? It had better not be $300 though. Seriously.
But good job, Nintendo. Marketing Love Plus+ netted you a bunch of final sales on the DSi. The 3DS, unless it just completely falls apart, is looking forward to great sales too.
Now, when is Love Plus 3D coming?

If that was hardly intelligible, it’s because I just came back from running next to an Indian guy. Russell Peters was right. They stink.

In any case, looks like Japan is one step closer to reaching 3D waifus. Oh, but not the ones who scream at you and beat you. Just the nice ones.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
パイパン(paipan) – refers to a woman whose nether region is hairless.


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