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Whoo! Yeah.

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Well, it happened. 1 million views. One month. Congratulations, World’s End Dancehall. And there seem to be a bunch of covers and mixes that sprang up overnight. Great.

The end of Durarara!! approaches. This Thursday, the last episode (24) comes out. I can sense a lukewarm ending, but let’s just hope it turns out all right. With a second season. I must read the novels…
Still, it’s kind of sad. Durarara!! brought me to the Colorless. Okay, well, it’s now overrun by “newfags” and is turning into 4chan, but there are still some good things left. Also began Skype-ing with some of the “oldfags.” I HAVE FINALLY ACHIEVED CONTACT WITH A FEMININE GUY. I thought he seriously was a girl at first. That’s one thing crossed out in my To-Do list. Just need to meet Danny Choo and Sekihan/Pico now.

Obligatory Shizaya magnet pic:

I think the last episode of Angel Beats is also this Friday? Not sure, but looking at the preview, it sure sounds like it. Ah, all these epic anime are ending. Quite sad. Hoping the summer series have some nice ones as well.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
ニート(niito) – NEET. In other words, “Not in Employment, Education, or Training.” Usually hikikomori fall into this category. It’d be so nice to live as a NEET, hmm?


Just Be Friends…again and again…

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Seems the Just Be Friends piano ver. bandwagon is still going strong on NND. Wotamin’s version quickly made it onto the rankings, popular as she is. Also, resident awesome pianist Marashii plays Rolling Girl on piano.

Angel Beats! first episode premiered! Was very very good. Although I didn’t expect Live Alive Girls Dead Monster (the all girls band sadly without a bunny girl and a witch) to appear in the first episode. Tenshi (Angel) is pretty cool. Very Nagato-like, although her blade reminds me more of Asakura. Anyway, I could probably make Haruhi parallels all day, but I think the first episode was good. It lived up to my expectations at least.

Sadly, there was no Durarara!! episode this week. That completely ruined my Friday, until I saw that Angel Beats! was uploaded. Now to wait for BRS and K-On!!

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
偽物(nisemono) – a fake or counterfeit. Comes from “nise” meaning counterfeit or lying, and “mono” meaning an object. The other nisemono 偽者 refers to a “lying person” or a liar.

Angel Beats!

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April’s here, which means a month of awesome new anime coming out. Black Rock Shooter, K-On!!, and another new series called Angel Beats! As you can see, the main heroine is Suzumiya Haruhi, who’s back for more action, this time after death.

So the story is, there’s a school in the afterlife to where one is sent. And in that school, the main heroine Haruhi Yuri leads the SOS Brigade SSS against God and the evil angel student government. Yeah. It looks pretty awesome, actually, and the story concept isn’t bad.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
当たり前(atarimae) – “Of course,” “clearly,” that sort of thing.