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Let’s Goooo!

Posted in Life with tags , , , , , , on March 6, 2010 by kumoriha

The AGHS (can be pronounced as it reads) School Team Tournament is underway. Which means work work work every weekend. But it’s fun. More fun than homework, which is still untouched. And I need to come up with arguments to win an impossible trial. At least it’s against dumb freshman (small joke).

Didn’t go to speech contest today. Or rather, couldn’t. Stupid cold has completely debilitated my speaking capabilities. Missed out on yummy Japanese food too…am very sad.

Internet Explorer has been freezing and crashing the whole day. I am totally thinking about switching over to Chrome for good, but for my Favorites list. I wonder if there’s a way to import it…

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun episode 22…I still haven’t seen it. Will do so now.

Bunch of useless ramblings over.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
嘘(uso) – A lie, an untruth. Can also be used as an exclamation as in “No way!” 嘘をつく(uso wo tsuku) is “to lie,” and a “liar” is 嘘つき(usotsuki).



Posted in Go with tags , on January 15, 2010 by kumoriha

Rain is good. Walking home with ridiculously thin pants and an absorbant sweater in a downpour, not so much.

It occurs to me that people usually blog about a bunch of random crap that makes no sense (…*cough*…) and/or their hobbies. And while I have overemphasized Nico Nico Douga and Japanese culture in general in a very focused and small sighted way, I have not yet mentioned anything about my other hobbies. No, not that kind.

So, Go. The game of Go, that is. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon Hikaru no Go and here I am, still 4 kyu and sucking majorly. I did manage to meet a bunch of nice people, although sadly not in person. New friends are always good, however, because I am always in need of replacing old ones. Anyway, Go/Igo/Weiqi/Baduk/M&M’s is a great board game. I encourage everybody to play it because I’m sure it made me a better thinker. In all seriousness. And a study had results that people who played Go scored higher on math tests than people who didn’t. So Alyce, you should play go too. Play Go = Higher Math grades = More free time = More obsessing over whatever.

Go Congress this summer. Would like to go, but may not have time and/or money. Well, hopefully I can go to Japan or China.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
馬鹿(baka) – I’m sure you all know this already, but it means “stupid”, “idiot”, or anything along those lines as an adjective and noun. At least you can see how annoying it is to write the kanji now.

Hikaru no Go

Posted in Manga with tags , , on January 10, 2010 by kumoriha

Don’t you hate having work and then going off to eat a meal? I never feel like working with a full stomach…time to digest my curry rice.

I recently found out that the Hikaru no Go manga has furigana in it, so I search around for the raw version. Well, I did manage to make sense out of most of it, but after reading about 30 pages, I got tired. But yeah, if anyone is looking for some manga with furigana, Hikaru no Go is great. Although there are those go terms that you probably won’t understand.

(Subtly spreading interest in go, thereby encouraging people to join Go Club)

Now, how long will it take for my Japanese Slang book to get here…