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What is the point of it anyway?

Well, it’s about time for prom (I think) and lately things have been getting exciting. Kind of. Not really.
Of course, watching rejections is great. It really makes me feel all warm inside. Well, my sadism aside.

I never really understood what you do at prom. I mean, okay, couples. But what about gay people? Well, they have couples too I guess. Mother advocates grabbing a random black girl for the desperate. I’m not saying anything more about this statement.

Ugh, enough. I’ve spent at least half an hour on this entry because of interruptions. End here.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
通り(toori) – follow through. For example, その通り (sono toori) means “exactly as that” or Light’s 計画通り(keikaku doori) means “all according to keikaku (Note: keikaku means plan).”



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Only Japanese people would even think to convert a popular (?) sex toy into a desk lamp.
Well, only Japanese people would have said sex toy in the first place…In any case, the resulting lamp was pretty bright. And phallus shaped.
Somehow, the video managed to reach first place in Nico Nico Douga rankings. Perhaps this shows exactly how many people own Tengas? Hmm?
No Youtube video of it, for obvious reasons, unfortunately.
Anyone want a Tenga? Or perhaps a Tenga lamp?

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
まったく(mattaku) – can be used as an intensifier, but often heard and seen as just an exclamation of sorts, meaning something along the lines of “Geez!” Sometimes shortened to just ったく(ttaku).

Food Poisoning…Again.

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So once again China is here to show us how to skimp on our daily needs. Who needs mainstream cooking oil, while you can get and make recycled cooking oil from sewage waste for half the price?
No shit.
You can read the article on Sankaku Complex. China China China…

Health Care bill passed today. Celebrations and anger all around. I’m curious myself to see public reaction and how it’s going to all work out…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
痛車(itasha) – car with anime/game characters and such painted all over. Usually look very slick and nice. Would like one someday.

Random Tangents

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If people tell you to run a tournament, decline. It’s a hell lot of work, especially when other people repeatedly make mistakes. Oh, and the players too. They can’t read. At all.

Neither can their freaking parents.

Which was okay (or rather, I didn’t know much about it) until I actually took over part of handling them. PR sucks.

Anyway, after spending 2-3 hours fixing up a spreadsheet for the next round as quickly as I could, since the original wrong spreadsheet was already posted for some reason, I went on KGS. What started as a discussion about a teaching game my friend was giving quickly turned into otaku talk.

I don’t really remember how it happened, but we somehow went from tesujis and weak shape to Lucky Star, Black Rock Shooter, Haruhi, and Kaiba shachou. Yeah. Some guy came in…and quickly left.

Isn’t it great how Go can help you make friends?

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
手筋(tesuji) – A skillful or clever play in Go. I guess you can use it out of context too, but I don’t know if many people will understand.

The Time of Eve

Posted in Anime with tags , , , on March 3, 2010 by kumoriha

Yesterday I wasted my time watching all six episodes of The Time of Eve (Ivu no Jikan). I have to say, I liked it.
The story takes place in the not so distant future where androids have invaded daily lives. That is, they do your chores for you. And such. And have a Sims-like ring over their head. Anyway.
There’s this cafe called The Time of Eve where robots and humans come together, and there are no distinctions. The anime talks about the adventures and realizations of the main character as he and his friend meet androids and humans.
The thing that stands out about this anime is the use of 3d backgrounds with 2d characters, which worked out very nicely in my opinion. Too bad the series was so short though, since it could have used more development. 6 episodes, all of which only about 15 minutes each except the last. Was very good though.

Also, the Taliban are apparently using Playstation controllers to detonate bombs:

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
wwwww – Okay, so it’s not a word. It’s the Japanese equivalent of “lol,” and I have no idea how to pronounce it. It comes from 笑う(warau) “to laugh” and was shortened to wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. The number of w’s is up to you. Not really applicable in real life unless you want to sound like an idiot.

Winter Olympics 2010

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Pedobear goes into the pic somewhere too.
So the opening ceremony’s going on. I’ve always preferred the winter Olympics to the summer ones. The coldness and the snow, y’know? It’s so much prettier compared to the summer Olympics, where I think of heat and sweat. Not cool.

Over hot pot dinner tonight, my mother randomly asked, “So, have you ever had dog before?” Afterwards, we had a nice little discussion about the deliciousness of dogs, cats, deer, and Koreans (the people in general, that is, not how they taste). We then moved onto Chinese New Year foods – 汤圆(tang yuan) and 年糕(nian gao). Yummy. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my fill of sweets in the upcoming New Year dinner(s).

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! …I wonder what event there is in Love Plus. Well, expect lots of love for Manaka and Mio along with cake. Lots of cake. Only in Japan, folks.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get some cake.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
花見(hanami) – flower viewing. Usually refers to the viewing of sakura/cherry blossoms in the spring, since they’re there for only a couple of weeks, and then fall off. People have nice picnics in public parks and such. Would love to go hanami.

Shota Shota Night Fever Dialogue

Posted in Nico Nico Douga with tags , on January 23, 2010 by kumoriha

Translated the dialogue. Missed a few things here and there, but most of the meaning’s there.

R: RAMERAMEYO! HOU! Alright, let’s do this! Alright!
G: roro-tan! roro-tan!
R: Oh, Gero-rin!
G: Stop for a sec.
R: What’s up?
G: Just stop for a bit.
R: Sure, what’s going on?
G: Uh, whatcha doin? Right now, whatcha doin?
R: Recording.
G: Huh, whatcha doin’ all by yourself?
R: I said, recording.
G: If you’re recording, why didn’t you tell me? I sent you like 10 emails since this morning!
(emails: Morning, roro-tan!, Are you awake? What’re you doing?, Morning! Whatcha doin?, Wanna
make fried rice?, etc…)
R: Eh, actually I completely ignored all of those.
G: What the heck?!
R: Uh, so what happened? Why’d you send all the mail?
G: Well, actually, I have kind of a favor to ask.
R: Hmm, what?
G: In any case, that’s okay.
R: Okay.
G: So you’re recording right now?
R: Yep.
G: Luka Luka Night Fever, right?
R: Oh, Gero-rin knows it, huh?
G: Well, yeah.
R: Mm.
G: I want to record too.
R: Ehh? But you know, this is Shota Shota Night Fever, it’s kinda like a parody. I was planning on singing Shota-like myself, but…you probably can’t do it.
G: Shota…Hey! What are you saying! What…you!
R: Well, calm down.
G: You-I-you…Kansai, you-
R: Calm down, sorry, sorry.
G: Freaking shota.
R: What the heck?
G: Uhhh…I’m an amazing shota…I’m…
R: Eh, what?
G: Uh, uh, what’s shota?
R: Yeah, that’s right. So a shota is like…a really young voice, ridiculously cute…something like that.
G: Oh.
R: Kinda like a girl’s voice.
G: Ooooooh.
R: So I was thinking of singing like that…
G: I see…I wasn’t listening at all, but this sounds fun.
R: Go die.
G: Let’s do it.
R: Ah, you want to?
G: Yeah. Anyway, I don’t really get it, so you go first, okay?
R: Okay, okay. Anyway, since we randomly did this song, you’ll probably get me more views on this. (Gero is pretty famous for his yelling.)
G: Okay Okay. Then, on 3, start?
R: Ok Ok.
G: Let’s do this.
R: Please.
G: 3…2…
R: Pretty slow…
G: 1…
R: RAAMERAAME-ah! Wha? What?!
R: Hey, it’s not “fuu!”, what’re you-
G: Doodoodoodoodoo!…
R: Stop, stop, what’re you…shut up shut up, stop it.
G: Hehe, what?
R: Do it properly, geez.
G: I am!
R: We’re going on. Do it properly now!
G: Yeah, yeah.
–Verse One–(roro)
G: Ah, I get it!
R: Yeah?
G: I mostly get it.
R: Got it? You’re fine with it?
G: Probably.
R: Really?
G: Uh…the…Kansai shota…
R: Uh, haha, sure. Alright, hurry up, hurry up.
–Verse Two–(Gero)
R: Aaaahh, how was it, doing it yourself?
G: Well, if you upload this…I think I might kill someone…
R: Ah, we’re going again!
Enter Gero shoutttttt!!!!!
–More Chorus–(ikemen time!)
G: Maaan~, I thought I was going to burst out laughing until the end..hey, roro-tan? Are you
listening? Look at me-turn around and look-
R: Geez, shut up. Every time I tell you not to shout, you still do!
G: It’s not shouting, it’s my normal voice! Well, JK, JK.
R: JK, whatever. Anyway, for the last “Ramerameyo” do it in a cute voice, okay?
G: I got it, I’ll do it in a cute voice.

R: Oh, by the way, what was that favor you wanted to ask at the beginning?
G: Oooh, aahh, that, yeah, uh…hey, hey…
R: Hm, what?
G: Um, could you give me 1200 yen?
R: Go die!
G: Eeehh? Cheapskate!…pig! Curse you!…Excuse me. (rolls off)
R: Thank you for the support, Kageneko-san and Outobutsudamare-san. (outobutsu-vomit, damare-be quiet)
G: Hey, do you know that guy’s address? (missed the last sentence)