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Goodie Bag

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A very nice Nico Nico weekend for viewers (well, listeners…) this week. Let’s see what suddenly popped up on the utattemita rankings…

トゥライ(tourai, or however you want to romanize his stupid name) FINALLY covers magnet. It’s been a year since he’s created it, and the fans are finally satisfied with his cover (in a different key and a mix). Shoots straight up to first, as expected. Perhaps tomorrow’s Vocaloid rankings will be welcoming some old faces…

PUPI and Re: (no romanization problems here) sing 炉心融解(roshin yuukai), or Meltdown. Yes that song. Twist: it’s a 全部俺(zenbu ore), meaning a capella. PUPI is the awesomest at zenbu ore…

Resident rapper タイツォン (taitsuon) does a rap version of…Renai Circulation. Didn’t expect it. Don’t agree with it. But it’s still good.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
確かに(tashikani) – “certainly.” As in, “Certainly she’s a tsundere, but I still don’t like her character.”


More of them

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Now an Orihara Izaya version of Renai Circulation. This probably won’t end anytime soon. Oh well, at least it’s enjoyable.

In other news, Korea might stupidly start off a cyber war involving the FBI and perhaps Japan standing on the sidelines. F5 bombing 2ch is usually not a good idea.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
なつい(natsui) – a contraction of 懐かしい(natsukashii), meaning kind of nostalgic or bringing back good memories.

More Renai Circulation

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Looks like it’s another surge of videos on Nico Nico Douga.
Konata’s version:

Also, 22 Chinese people sing Smiling:

I am envious. And want more people.

Also, the cutest/awesomest part in Bakemonogatari episode 14:


Random Japanese Word of the Day:
失敗(shippai) – failure, mistake, epic phail (kind of, not really). My friend’s favorite word for some reason.

More Nico Nico Tour

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Pokota sings Dancing Samurai by Gakupoid. I have to say, Pokota looks a lot like Gackt…It’s the sunglasses.
Anyway, I love this performance. Pokota is such a great entertainer.

Really really wish I was there…

Also, a little song to help you remember the numbers in pi:

Still need to watch Bakemonogatari episode 14.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
セクハラ(sekuhara) – sexual harassment. This is the Japanese tendency to take the first two syllables of two words and combine them (sekushuaru harasumento). Great word to know.


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Guargh. Renai Circulation has taken over Nico Nico Douga. As has Uraomote Lovers. This is getting ridiculous.
Creepy “Solid Snake” version:

Creepy. But I can’t stop listening for some reason…
There’s a pretty nice Kyon version out there too somewhere.

Lately, there haven’t been many good Vocaloid songs out. It’d be nice if supercell released another song sometime soon…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
うんこ(unko) – poo. Not much else to say.