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Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #136

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Nico Nico Douga.
Maybe I should start posting these on Tuesdays or something after the Youtube version gets uploaded.
ARiA fell to 5th…and Yubikiri only fell to 4th. Kind of disappointing.
Flashback Sound took first as expected. It’s a nice song.

Also, yoppei sings Rolling Girl! Didn’t see this coming.

Just one thing. He’d better not be trying to speak in Cantonese…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
阿呆(ahou) – idiot. Often shortened to just “aho.” This one is a bit more…rough, I guess?…than “baka.”

Just Be Friends…again and again…

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Seems the Just Be Friends piano ver. bandwagon is still going strong on NND. Wotamin’s version quickly made it onto the rankings, popular as she is. Also, resident awesome pianist Marashii plays Rolling Girl on piano.

Angel Beats! first episode premiered! Was very very good. Although I didn’t expect Live Alive Girls Dead Monster (the all girls band sadly without a bunny girl and a witch) to appear in the first episode. Tenshi (Angel) is pretty cool. Very Nagato-like, although her blade reminds me more of Asakura. Anyway, I could probably make Haruhi parallels all day, but I think the first episode was good. It lived up to my expectations at least.

Sadly, there was no Durarara!! episode this week. That completely ruined my Friday, until I saw that Angel Beats! was uploaded. Now to wait for BRS and K-On!!

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
偽物(nisemono) – a fake or counterfeit. Comes from “nise” meaning counterfeit or lying, and “mono” meaning an object. The other nisemono 偽者 refers to a “lying person” or a liar.

Weekly Vocaloid Rankings #128

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Nico Nico Douga.
Some surprises this time. Melt and 1/6 make it back, which was awesome. As expected, Uraomote Lovers and especially Rolling Girl went up…a lot. No doubt, since 秋赤音(akiakane)’s PV and cover has taken steadily first place in rankings. And I agree with the comments about the #2 song this week: メイドの星からS・O・S (meido no hoshi kara SOS/SOS From the Planet of the Maids), it does look like a PV from an H game.

Noted songs-



Rolling Girl (akiakane ver):

Yes, she drew the PV and sang the cover.

Meido no Hoshi kara SOS:

And now, I present the Engrish version of Rolling Girl sung by Mii-chan. Prepare yourselves.

Yeah, I don’t understand it either. I think I’ll do an English version of it myself sometime…

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
-ばかり(bakari) – full of, only with; for example この教室にはバカばかりいます(kono kyoushitsu ni ha baka bakari imasu) means “This room has only idiots.” A thought I think frequently.