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Pico’s new single タナトス (Thanatos) feat. Tissue Hime is out for sale now. Go buy go buy. Great collaboration of the WTF-gender people. Let’s throw Sekihan into the mix just for laughs.

The song is on Youtube with Akai Hana:

Very moving beat. Man…Pico is the new SHOWTA. I guess now.

Also, I didn’t know it was possible to get rejected in an eroge. I learned something new. Then again, Izumi-neechan turns out to be some super miko character who saves humanity from demons and has a talking cat/grandmother. Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on either.


Random Japanese Word of the Day:
腐女子(fujoshi) – lit. “rotten girl”; refers to female fans of yaoi.


願い星(Negaiboshi) Lyrics

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Yay, Wishing Star by SHOWTA. Too bad SHOWTA.’s not that popular. Which is pretty sad, especially since his PV’s continue to get cheaper and cheaper. I really hope we won’t lose such a girly man singer person. Anyway, the story behind Negaiboshi is the main boy likes a girl who likes the other boy who is clueless. Boy 2 and another random girl aren’t important. Some kind of love polygon. But yeah, after knowing the story, the lyrics should make more sense.
And now, the ONLY video of this song on Youtube (cry cry).


足りないんだ たぶん
切りすぎた爪が 痛いくらい
ぎゅっと 手を握った

数えきれない 気持ちが今

消えそうな 星が見えるよ
君の視線 たどった

違う願い 同じ切なさで
伝えたくて 届かなくて

風の中 かすかに
どこからか 遠い街の花火

君は本当は 泣きたかったの


かなえたくて かなわなくて
こわれそうな その言葉を

ため息で 少し揺れている
小さな夢 遠いねがい星
みつめないと 消えてしまう


boku no subete dake ja
tarinainda tabun
kirisugita tsume ga itai kurai
gyutto te wo nigitta

kimi wo omou dake de
mune ni toji kometeta
kazoe kirenai kimochi ga ima
sora ni nobotteku

kiesou na hoshi ga mieru yo
kimi no shisen tadotta

migi no kata to hidari no kata
hanarenai you ni naranderu
chigau negai onaji setsunasa de
tsutaetakute todokanakute
koe ni ha naranai kotoba wo
boku ha dakishimete iru yo
hoshizora no shita de

kawa wo watatte kuru
kaze no naka kasuka ni
doko kara ka tooi machi no hanabi
oto dake kikoeta

warawaseyou to shite
hashai de miseta kedo
kimi ha hontou ha nakitakatta no
wakatteita kedo

yukkuri to aruite yukou
itsumo soba ni iru kara

migi no hoho to hidari no hoho
kasanaru koto nado nai keredo
atatakasa ha tsurai hodo wakaru
kanaetakute kanawanakute
kowaresou na sono kotoba wo
boku ha momori tsuzukeru yo
hoshizora no shita de

migi no kata to hidari no kata
tameike de sukoshi yurete iru
chiisana yume tooi negaiboshi
mitsumenai to kieteshimau
kagayaki no you na kotoba wo
boku ha dakishimete iru yo
hoshizora no shita de

With only everything in me,
it’s probably not enough.
My nail dug in too deep and hurt
as I gripped my hand tightly.

Thinking only about you,
my heart was locked shut.
My countless feelings are now
soaring past the sky.

You can see the fading stars.
I followed your gaze.

My right shoulder and your left shoulder
are lined up, as if they couldn’t be separated.
Our wishes are different, but our sadness is the same.
I want to be able to tell you, but it won’t come out.
The words that I won’t say,
I’m holding them in me
under the starry sky.

Crossing over the river,
I could faintly hear the sound
of fireworks coming from another street
faintly among the wind.

You laughed to show
that you were happy, but
you really wanted to cry.
I understood, but…

If we walked slowly,
then I could always be near you.

My right cheek and your left cheek
aren’t together, but still,
the warmth was so painful I understand.
I want to grant it, but it won’t come true.
I continued to protect
those broken words
under the starry sky.

My right shoulder and your left shoulder
are trembling a bit from a sigh.
A small dream, a wishing star far away.
If I can’t find it, it’ll disappear.
Those words that seem to be shining,
I’m holding them in me
under the starry sky.

Blood Donation

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Akihabara Blood Donation center. It looks so retro. And awesome. Heck, I’ll go donate blood just to go there.

As expected of Akiba, one could say.

I think I’ll go translate SHOWTA.’s 願い星(negaiboshi)/Wishing Star soon. Because the world needs more SHOWTA. Period.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
しまパン(shimapan) – Striped panties. Don’t ask. They’re usually light blue and white, some kind of moe standard I guess. Comes from “shima” (stripe) and “pantsu” (panties). Once again, don’t ask.