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Shall we dance?

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World’s End Dancehall, in just a little over a week…has hit 570,000 views. Wow. That’s somewhere around 70,000 views a day, which is really crazy.

The sad Youtube version not hitting 40k yet…
The karaoke version is not released yet, so I’m expecting another surge when it finally comes out.

Also, Soulja Boy sucks. Majorly.

Well, school’s finally out. Time to start/finish my medical summer camp application. Time to procrastinate and play games (and sleep) all day long. Ah wait, did I contradict myself there? Or did I not? Tricky~

Right, Kida Masaomi moment ends.

Today…was not a sad farewell. I’m afraid next year may be. Very melancholic to think about how you will never see the people you’ve been with for the past 7 years. Or 4. Or whatever.
I suppose I’ll save the wallowing in sadness in some dark corner for later next year.


Random Japanese Word of the Day:
とはいえ(tohaie) – Actually pronounced “towaie.” It means “however.”


I lost…

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A person named “Kuzu” (who apparently says he is aptly named as “garbage”) did a cover of magnet. One man. 4 voices. You know the drill.
He beat me to it. Dang.
The general consensus is that his female voices are better than his male voices, to the point where there’s “a fairy living inside his throat” to describe his Miku voice. I think his Luka voice is much more praiseworthy though…it’s very naturally feminine.

A bunch of nice utattemitas popped up too. That Kyon/Gintoki guy covered Venus and Jesus from Arakawa Under the Bridge.
Sekihan once again shows his love for SKE with SKE Lovers. You can ignore the first part if you want…

Pokota and Hana-tan sing Hikarizakura (Cherry blossoms of light…I guess?)

Usa sings Aikotoba (Words of Love). Very cute song.

And finally, wowaka releases another song. Luka and Miku sing World’s End Dancehall. Expect this to be first in Vocaloid rankings.

Whew. Long music post.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
突然(totsuzen) – suddenly. Exactly as in Chinese.

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #124

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This one is pretty interesting. Back to back Just Be Friends versions and Uraomote Lovers. Very interesting.
Speaking of Uraomote Lovers, it and its 17 other cover versions have taken over the Nico Nico Douga rankings. Yes, that’s almost 1/5 of the entire list. I wonder what the hell is going on.
Uraomote Lovers:

The composer, wowaka, also has a new song: Rolling Girl. But it seems all his songs sound alike (or at least some do). I think Rolling Girl has finally shifted to a new angle, just a bit, though.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
夢(yume) – dream. If you want to say dream, as in while sleeping, you say 夢を見る(yume wo miru), or “see a dream.” To say dream as in a hope or whatever, you just say 夢がある(yume ga aru), or “have a dream.”