What is the point of it anyway?

Well, it’s about time for prom (I think) and lately things have been getting exciting. Kind of. Not really.
Of course, watching rejections is great. It really makes me feel all warm inside. Well, my sadism aside.

I never really understood what you do at prom. I mean, okay, couples. But what about gay people? Well, they have couples too I guess. Mother advocates grabbing a random black girl for the desperate. I’m not saying anything more about this statement.

Ugh, enough. I’ve spent at least half an hour on this entry because of interruptions. End here.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
通り(toori) – follow through. For example, その通り (sono toori) means “exactly as that” or Light’s 計画通り(keikaku doori) means “all according to keikaku (Note: keikaku means plan).”


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